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The Feel Great System: What Doctors Say About Unicity Balance Fiber Matrix

blood glucose cholesterol clinical studies diabetes type 2 feel great system heart disease insulin resistance unicity balance unicity unimate weight loss Dec 30, 2021
Feel Great System image of doctor looking at a chart with an overlay of the Balance fiber matrix science CD brochure that has doctors talking about the medical results with their patients

Few aspects of our lives are as crucial as our health. Cardiovascular disease remains a leading health issue globally, with its effects on individuals being far-reaching and significant.

Fortunately, preventive measures exist, and this is where Unicity Balance and the Feel Great System steps in, offering a proactive approach to heart health.

The Feel Great System is a combination of two science-based food products, Unicity Unimate yerba mate drink and Unicity Balance fiber matrix, that are clinically proven to make a healthy lifestyle not only doable, but also enjoyable.

The Feel Great System has been gaining popularity over the years, and for good reason. People are looking for a simple, healthy solution that is backed by real health science, and the Feel Great System fits that description perfectly. The system contains two science-based food products, Unicity Unimate yerba mate drink and Unicity Balance fiber matrix with a long history, and are listed in the Prescribers’ Desk Reference  (PDR). What's more, thousands of medical doctors recommend the Feel Great System to their patients.

What Doctors Are Saying

In 2007, Unicity International published a science brochure on the effectiveness of Unicity Balance (branded as Bios Life back then) that included an audio CD featuring cardiologists Gerald Bresnaham, M.D. and emergency room physician Neil Secrist, D.O., as well as many other medical doctors sharing their experience with weight loss, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Neil Secrist is a board-certified physician practicing both emergency and family medicine. He has seen firsthand the impact that cardiovascular disease can have on people's lives, and he is passionate about finding ways to prevent it. He believes that the Feel Great System is the best way to do this. The system consists of Unicity Unimate and Unicity Balance, which are both made from natural ingredients that offer numerous health benefits towards cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and the metabolic syndrome. In addition to preventing cravings, the products can even help people lose weight.

Dr. Secrist is not alone in his belief that the Feel Great System is the best way to prevent cardiovascular disease. Dr. Gerald Bresnaham, a world-renowned cardiologist, also believes in the system's effectiveness. He states that over one million unsuspecting people will die this year from heart disease, making it by far the number one killer in the developed world. However, he believes that heart disease is 80% preventable, and the best way to do this is to find natural ways to prevent it. He has been looking for natural ways to prevent heart disease for over 25 years, and he has never seen a natural supplement that is even remotely as effective as Unicity Balance.

Dr. Bresnaham is not the only doctor who believes in the effectiveness of the Feel Great System. Dr. Mark Hamilton, an anesthesiologist in Atlanta, Georgia, completed his undergraduate education in chemistry and completed his internship and residency in anesthesia at Emory University affiliated hospitals. He recommends the system to his patients, and has seen great results. His three-month follow-up study in 240 patients with hyperlipidemia, in whom diet medications and exercise remained unchanged, demonstrated an average decrease in total cholesterol of 30%. The LDL decreased by 26%, the triglycerides dropped an incredible 79%, while the good HDL cholesterol increased an average of 30%.

Dr. Dan Nelson, a working interventional cardiologist, was also astonished at the great formulation of the Feel Great System, and was convinced that it should do the same for many of his patients. He recommends the system to his patients, and many of them have already experienced great results. Phillip Budreau, a university of Minnesota trained transplant surgeon, also recommends the system to his patients.

Unicity Balance Fiber Matrix

Not only does Unicity Balance Fiber Matrix have a positive effect on cholesterol and blood sugar levels, but it can also help with weight management by reducing cravings and helping with portion control. This is because fiber, which is a key ingredient in the product, can help you feel fuller for longer periods of time, reducing the likelihood of overeating.

In addition to the benefits for cholesterol, blood sugar, and weight management, Unicity Balance Fiber Matrix can also help with other health conditions. For example, it can help reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by preventing the buildup of plaque in the arteries. It can also help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, such as prostate, colon, and breast cancer.
One of the standout features of Unicity Balance Fiber Matrix is that it is a natural alternative to traditional prescription medications, which can often have a wide range of potential side effects. 

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Unicity Unimate Yerba Mate

The second component of the Feel Great System is Unicity Unimate, which is a yerba mate drink that provides a natural boost of energy without the use of caffeine. Yerba mate is a type of tea that is commonly consumed in South America, where it is known for its ability to provide a natural boost of energy, improve mental focus, and boost the immune system.

Unicity Unimate is made from organic yerba mate leaves, which are sourced from South America and carefully processed to retain the natural flavor and benefits of the tea. It is a great alternative to traditional energy drinks, which are often loaded with caffeine and sugar.

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When used together, Unicity Balance Fiber Matrix and Unicity Unimate create the Feel Great System, a powerful combination that can help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Whether you are looking to manage your cholesterol and blood sugar levels, lose weight, or simply improve your overall health, the Feel Great System can help.

The Feel Great System has a 35+ year history and is listed in the Prescribers’ Desk Reference (PDR). There are thousands of medical doctors who recommend the Feel Great System to their patients. In fact, the system has been clinically proven to be effective in numerous studies, making it a reliable and trustworthy option for those looking to improve their health.

In conclusion, the Feel Great System is a science-based solution for those looking to achieve their health and wellness goals. The system is made up of two all-natural products, Unicity Balance Fiber Matrix and Unicity Unimate, which work together to provide a wide range of health benefits, including cholesterol and blood sugar management, weight loss, improved mental focus, and more. With a long history of clinical studies and recommendations from medical professionals, the Feel Great System is a safe and effective option for those looking to improve their overall health and well-being.

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