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Helping You Live An Extraordinary Life!

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Helping You Live An Extraordinary Life!

Step into who you were meant to be!



Step into who you were meant to be!

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About Me

Doug Collins

Doug has always had the entrepreneurial drive dating back to his first home-based business in the late 1990's. Decades later, now as a Corporate Executive in 2010, Doug discovered his role was to being terminated because of a North American reorganization and merger. That’s when he took the leap and walked away from a 22-year career to follow his long-held dream of being self-employed working full-time in his home-based business.


Doug has enjoyed tremendous success since leaving corporate, including a number of entrepreneurial start-up ventures. Throughout all this, he always stayed true to his passion, the home-based business he started part-time while working in corporate.


Over these last decades Doug had gained a great interest and in-depth knowledge on home-based tax write-off strategies that allowed him the opportunity to further reduce his income tax burden, as a self-employed home-based entrepreneur. It also became more apparent to Doug how great the need was for others to understand these home-based tax write-offs.

In March 2020, as the pandemic hit full swing and society was facing widespread lockdowns, Doug used his expertise, spare time and passion to write and self-publish his first book. A guide to help others learn how to “Write-Off Almost Anything” in their home-based business. Since the books release it quickly became a #1 Bestseller and has consistently remained as a Top 10 Bestseller on Amazon, guiding thousands of across the US and Canada. 

In May 2021, as the the third-wave lockdown continued, Doug felt it was time to refocus once again, this time back to his direct sales home-based business. Doug seen the timing and unique opportunity of a new product pack that was being released with his company.

Leveraging his extensive knowledge in online marketing and business system automation, while still offering unparalleled personalized one-on-one client support, Doug began sharing the "Feel Great System" branded product pack. The exact products that dramatically changed his and his families health over the last decade.

Today, Doug continues to passionately expand his home-based business while also supporting his growing Home Business Tax Secrets community educating on tax strategies found in his book, online education systems and personalized private one-on-one coaching.

Read Doug's Story published in the March 2021 Issue of Bedford Living Magazine

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Tax Write-Offs Made Simple

Online Course & Coaching!

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Write-Off Almost Anything!

Amazon Bestselling Book!

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The Feel Great System

Helping You Feel Better Than You Have In Years!

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Feel Great Business Builders System

Succeed in 21st Century Wellness Revolution!

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My life will never be the same and it’s all thanks to Victoria!

Kate Maple

David Cordova

I’ve seen a transformation in every aspect of my life. Thank you, Victoria!


Helping You Feel Better Than You Have In Years! More Energy! Mental Clarity! Weight Loss! Even If Everything Else You Tried Before Has Failed!

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I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Victoria showed me it was OK to be me and taught me how to love life again.

Rebecca Waters

What Exactly Are These FEEL GREAT SYSTEM Products

Jul 26, 2021

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