Let's Reduce Your Income Tax by Thousands Permanently!

'Most people are unknowingly overpaying in taxes each year, even if you have a high priced accountant!" ~Forbes Magazine

Yes, I Want to Pay Less TAX!

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What would it look like if you could reduce your Taxes by THOUSANDS this year AND receive a BIG INCOME TAX REFUND?

What if....

  • You could include almost anything in your every day life expenses as a TAX WRITE-OFF, without being a tax expert? 
  • You could easily track, organize and bullet-proof your receipts for tax purposes, all in under 15 minutes each month?
  • You could learn to how stay under the radar of the taxman and never worry about being audited?
  • You could understand why putting this off until "tax season" is exactly why it's costing you thousands? 
...you would be on your way to saving thousands RIGHT NOW!

Yes, I Want to Pay Less TAX!
From the Desk of Doug Collins
January 2020
Hi, thank you for visiting this site. I have a short message for you, but it's an important one...
I'm going to show you the most important tax saving strategies available leveraging your home-based business. Their simple and legal, but they are so misunderstood!
This is why I decided to put together a course for home-based entrepreneurs. I've been using these strategies myself and helping others apply them since 2008. 
For those who work full-time and have a part-time business on the side, they'll enjoy huge TAX REFUNDS!
I'm confident you will find this very enjoyable and financially rewarding.
So let's get started!
Yes, I Want to Pay Less TAX!


Home Business Money Secrets Course & Productivity System

Turn your every day expenses into legitimate tax write-offs!

Bulletproof your record keeping and become audit proof!

Record keeping in just 15 minutes each month!

With this system you will confidently write-off every day expenses you never knew you could! You also get these bonus downloads:

Course Manual, Video Transcripts & MP3's

Printable PDF Course Manual,  PDF transcripts and MP3 files of all video module lessons.  Learn at your own pace through print, video and audio.

Business Excellence Templates

Be smart, be organized and be ready with these proven business excellence templates. Simple, quick and concise for fast results. No office accounting software needed. 

Tax Savings Estimator App (IOS or Android)

Calculate your tax savings on your mobile phone. Impress your friends, family and community with how much money they can save if they had a home-business.

Regular Price: $297

Now Only $197

$100 Savings!

Use Coupon Code: PAYLESSTAX

This Course is 100% Tax Deductible!
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Yes, I Want to Pay Less TAX!

"This will be my first year filing as a home business so the timing for these strategies are perfect. I found each module easy to understand and implement. I learned about expenses I would never had thought to include; i.e. lawn care, coffee machine, etc.""

Shanda Cormier

"These strategies are golden! This will help everyone find all their tax deductions more effectively. It's about time there's a course that helps people claim every write-off they are entitled to as a home-based business. "

Darlene Long

"After taking the course we filed 2018 taxes including home-based expenses and got a $2,000 refund. We refiled an adjustment for 2017 income tax and got $2,000 back. Refiled 2016 and got $1,800. Thanks for all the great advice! "

Pam Keefe

"Before the course, I would hand off the mess to my accountant. It was stressful. The course is very well layed out into modules and Doug explained it very well. He covered all the bases and I now have a better understanding how to make my home business bullet and audit proof. And the best part, I will get more deductions this year. "

Rebecca LeBlanc

"I am appreciative of your course. Have a couple more modules to go. Good review including what you got me to do it on excel!"

Judy Gilman, NP-R, RN, CDE

"The videos were easy to follow and understand. I learned how to better keep my records. This course will save me time! "

Darlene Smith

What others are saying… 

  • "This system and process is exactly what I needed"...

  • "It helped me stay focused and I have clarity on exactly what I needed to get organized"...

  • "the spreadsheet took away the guess work; I knew exactly what I needed to pull from our files and what I needed to incorporate for next year"... 

  • "I never had the feeling of “what am I missing"…

  • "It allowed me to see the holes in the things I was not claiming, such as I did not have any records for vehicle mileage and receipts"...

  • "I was surprised it only took me about 6 to 7 hours in total getting last years taxes together from scratch. I could never have done this on my own"...

  • "I know now exactly what I need to do going forward, and how to make sure I have all my receipts and deductions organized on a monthly basis"...

Yes, I Want to Pay Less TAX!

Simple Strategies are Easy To Follow
and Quick To Implement!

Here's just some of what you’ll discover… 
1.  How to find more legitimate home-based deductions. 
2. How to understand all the business deductions you can take. 
3. Speak intelligently with your accountant.  
4. Significantly reduce your chances of being audited.
5. Legally put more money back in your pocket.
6. Become bullet-proof in your record keeping.
Yes, I Want to Pay Less TAX!

Common Questions

To understand these Home Business Strategies and Tools worth thousands in tax savings!

I've been at this since 2008. My first year I went to my accountant with a bag of receipts and missed half of the allowable deductions.

In 2009 I decided it was time for a simple, effective business management system to keep track of my records and receipts organized, and be ready for tax time. That year I received a $6,600 refund.

I have continued to refine and simplify my organization system and now I am making this available for you inside this course, so you can benefit from it as well. 

The Videos are easy to follow and understand, covering these 9 Video Lessons:

  1. It's Your Responsibility to find and record these Deductions Yourself
  2. Discover the importance of Record Keeping and easily be ready for Tax Time!
  3. How to easily set-up and capture all Home Office & Operating Expenses
  4. Easily use your Personal Vehicle as a Business Expense
  5. How most Meals & Entertainment can be written-off as a Tax Deduction
  6. Enjoy more Travel and claim Education as a tax write-off
  7. Creative Ways to Capture more Marketing & Advertising Expenses
  8. How to Manage Your Inventory for Tax Purposes
  9. Using the Tax Savings Estimator App as a business building tool


No, it's not a tax filing course!

This course will guide you to operate your home business more efficiently, claiming every legitimate deduction and paying less tax. 

We suggest you bring your final complete (and organized) summary sheets to your tax preparer at tax season. 

No, you don't need to make money in your business!

One of the most significant benefits you can enjoy in a home based is the ability to claim deductions that will reduce your overall taxable income in a calendar year, just like any other traditional business.

All you need to do is show that you have an intention to make a profit and that there is a possibility that you could. Inside the course you will learn exactly how all this is done legally. 

Perfect! Having a full-time employment income is one of the best situations!

While you continue with your employment income, use your part-time home business as a means to reduce your personal income taxes. Remember, money saved is money earned! 

Copyright © 2019 Doug Collins, Riverview, New Brunswick


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