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Unicity Unimate Yerba Mate: Listed in the Prescribers' Desk Reference (PDR)

clinical studies prescribers desk reference unicity unimate yerba mate Nov 18, 2021
Unimate yerba mate drink, Prescribers' Desk Reference (PDR)

Unicity Unimate was first launched in 2017 after many years of research and patenting the uniquely powerful five-step process: handpicking, fire roasting, active biological molecule extraction, yerba mate concentration, and purification. The result is a yerba mate beverage that is unlike any other commercially available yerba mate drinks. 

As a result of this research and clinical studies, Unimate was accepted into the PDR, the only Yerba Mate that is back by science. The recognition that Unicity can bring leading edge science to the age-old tradition of Yerba Mate, and have it approved for for listing in the PDR based on clinical research, should bring encouragement and confidence to our mission in supporting a healthy lifestyle as part of the The Feel Great System. 

UNICITY Unimate (citric acid/green mate leaf extract powder/natural flavors/stevia) - Full Prescribing Information
Unicity International


Feel Good and Stay in the Game

Developed from high-quality Yerba Mate leaves harvested and subjected to a patented 5-step process, Unimate contains up to 375 times more chlorogenic acids than other commercially available Yerba Mate drinks. With benefits that energize, boost athletic performance, and mood, Unimate supports and all-around elevated quality of life.

Unimate™ is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and secondary metabolites such as chlorogenic acids and triterpenoid saponins. As a member of Unicity International's Genomeceutical™ line of products, chlorogenic acids and triterpenoid saponins found in Unimate™ have been documented in the scientific literature to support healthy gene expression in the body.

Clinical studies show that Unimate™ has the ability to promote a healthy mood. Psychological well-being in a group of subjects, assessed using the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire, was increased by 20% after taking Unimate™. The mode of action of this result is likely due to the ability of chlorogenic acids to support healthy mood and cognition—as previously reported elsewhere in the scientific literature.

An additional clinical study demonstrated the ability of Unimate™ to maintain healthy blood-lipid and blood glucose levels in the body. A 12% reduction of total cholesterol, 5% reduction of LDL cholesterol, and 11% reduction of triglycerides was observed in a group of subjects who took Unimate™ once daily for 30 days. Additionally, a 5% reduction in fasting blood-glucose and a 3% reduction in HbA1c levels was also observed in this same group.

Other clinical studies have validated the ability of Unimate™ to support healthy weight loss in the body due to the ability of Yerba Mate triterpenoid saponins to support healthy gene expression of anti-obesity related genes.1

Mix contents of one packet with 8-10 oz. of hot or cold water, once per day.

Unimate is generally well tolerated. Unimate contains moderate amounts of caffeine; caffeine-sensitive individuals should exercise caution when using this product. Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women and children.

Unimate is packaged in single-serve foil packets.

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About the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR)

For more than 70 years, medical specialists across the world have turned to the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) as the authoritative source of information on drugs and prescribed substances.

In 2019 the PDR became exclusively in a digital format called the Prescribers' Desk Reference (PDR), that continues to be utilized in virtually every physician's office, pharmacy, clinic, and library. No medical reference is more current, more recognized, or more respected. The PDR contains label information, dosage instructions, images, and more.

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