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3 Reasons to Try REHIT: The Easiest Exercise Hack You've Been Missing

beyond feel great weight loss Dec 31, 2023
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REHIT is a modified form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that has gained popularity for its time efficiency and effectiveness - it's an "exercise hack" that makes fitness accessible and manageable for everyone, especially those with busy lifestyles or those intimidated by traditional high-intensity workouts.

Backed by recent scientific studies, REHIT is emerging as a powerful solution for those seeking maximum fitness benefits in minimal time.

What is Reduced Exertion High-Intensity Interval Training (REHIT)

Reduced Exertion High-Intensity Interval Training involves fewer and shorter intervals compared to traditional HIIT, aiming to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and cardiometabolic health with a lesser weekly time commitment. The goal is to make high-intensity workouts more accessible and pleasant, increasing the likelihood of adoption and adherence.

It's particularly appealing for those who might be intimidated by the intensity of HIIT or those who are pressed for time but still want to achieve significant health and fitness results. Here's a deeper dive into the benefits of REHIT and guidance on how to incorporate it into your fitness routine.

Benefits of REHIT

  1. Unmatched Time Efficiency: REHIT stands out for its incredible time efficiency. A typical session lasts about 10 minutes, encompassing a series of high-intensity bursts interspersed with recovery periods. This compact structure means you spend less time working out while still reaping the benefits of a longer session. It's the perfect solution for busy schedules, allowing you to fit in a comprehensive workout without dedicating hours at the gym.

  2. Metabolic Boost: The intensity of REHIT sessions triggers a significant metabolic response, known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This means your body continues to burn calories at an elevated rate long after your workout is over. Studies have shown that even short bursts of intense activity, like those in REHIT, can enhance metabolic rate and improve fat oxidation. This makes REHIT an efficient tool for weight management and overall metabolic health.

  3. Enhanced Cardiovascular Health: REHIT's high-intensity nature provides a robust workout for your heart and lungs. In just 20 seconds of all-out effort, you can achieve cardiovascular benefits comparable to much longer periods of moderate exercise. This rapid increase in heart rate and intensity bolsters heart health, improves endurance, and increases overall cardiovascular efficiency. Whether you're sprinting, cycling, or jumping, these quick, intense bursts make a lasting impact on your heart's strength and stamina. 

How to Do a REHIT Exercise Routine

Embarking on a REHIT workout is straightforward and adaptable to your fitness level and preferences. Here's how you can get started:

  1. Warm-Up (2-3 minutes): Begin with a light activity to gradually increase your heart rate and loosen your muscles. This could be a brisk walk, gentle jogging, or dynamic stretches. The aim is to prepare your body for the intense activity ahead.
  2. High-Intensity Bursts (20 seconds each): After warming up, engage in your first high-intensity burst. This is where you go all out for 20 seconds. The activity you choose can vary based on your fitness level:
    • For Beginners: Fast-paced walking, light jogging, or bodyweight exercises like air squats or knee push-ups.
    • For Intermediate Levels: Running, cycling at a vigorous pace, or more intense bodyweight exercises like regular push-ups or jumping jacks.
    • For Advanced Individuals: Sprinting, uphill running, or cycling, as well as high-intensity exercises like burpees or jump squats.
  3. Recovery (1-2 minutes): Slow down to a comfortable pace, allowing your heart rate to decrease. This could be a gentle walk or light pedaling. The length of your recovery is flexible – shorter for a more challenging workout or longer for beginners or those who need more time to recover.
  4. Repeat: Cycle through the 20-second high-intensity bursts and recovery periods. Typically, a REHIT workout includes 2-3 cycles, but you can adjust this based on your time availability and fitness level. More cycles for a longer workout or fewer for a quicker session.
  5. Cool Down (2-3 minutes): End your workout with a cool-down period similar to your warm-up. Gentle jogging, walking, or stretching can help bring your heart rate down safely and promote recovery.

The beauty of REHIT is its adaptability. Adjust the number of high-intensity bursts and recovery times to suit your current fitness level and schedule. As you progress, you might shorten the recovery periods or increase the number of cycles. Remember, the goal is to challenge yourself while keeping the workout manageable and enjoyable.  

Tips for Success with REHIT

To maximize the benefits of your REHIT workouts and ensure a safe, enjoyable fitness journey, consider these essential tips:

  1. Don't Skip the Warm-Up and Cool-Down: Both the warm-up and cool-down are crucial components of your REHIT session. A proper warm-up prepares your body for the high-intensity bursts by gradually increasing your heart rate and loosening your muscles, reducing the risk of injury. Similarly, a cool-down helps to gradually lower your heart rate and begin the recovery process, reducing post-workout stiffness and discomfort. Dedicate 2-3 minutes at the beginning and end of your workout for these phases to enhance overall effectiveness and safety. 

  2. Embrace Gradual Progression: REHIT is adaptable to all fitness levels, but it's essential to start at a pace that's comfortable for you. Begin with what you can manage, even if that means shorter or fewer high-intensity bursts and longer recovery periods. As you become more accustomed to the intensity, gradually increase the duration or number of high-intensity intervals. This approach not only helps prevent burnout and injury but also ensures a steady improvement in your fitness level.

  3. Listen to Your Body: While pushing yourself is a part of any high-intensity workout, it's crucial to listen to your body's signals. If you feel undue pain or exhaustion, take it as a sign to slow down or modify the intensity. Over time, you'll learn to distinguish between the natural discomfort of pushing your limits and the warning signs of potential injury.

  4. Stay Consistent: Consistency is key to seeing results with REHIT. Aim for 2-3 sessions per week to start seeing improvements in your fitness and health. Regular workouts will help you build endurance, strength, and familiarity with the routine, making each session more effective.

  5. Keep It Varied and Enjoyable: To prevent boredom and maintain motivation, vary your high-intensity activities and settings. Different exercises and environments can keep the workout fresh and exciting. Remember, the more you enjoy your workout, the more likely you are to stick with it.

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to a successful and sustainable REHIT routine. Remember, the journey to fitness is personal and adaptable, so tailor your workouts to fit your unique needs and goals.

Integrating REHIT with Other Strategies

Combining REHIT with other health and fitness strategies can create a powerful, holistic approach to wellness. Here's a simple, step-by-step guide to integrating REHIT with the Feel Great System, Intermittent Fasting, and smart dietary choices:

  1. Establish a REHIT Routine: Start by incorporating REHIT sessions into your weekly schedule. Aim for 2-3 sessions per week, each lasting about 10 minutes. Choose times that fit your lifestyle and energy levels — perhaps mornings to kickstart your day or evenings to de-stress after work.
  2. Incorporate the Feel Great System: The Feel Great System is designed to enhance your health through targeted nutritional products called Unimate yerba mate and Balance fiber. To maximize the benefits of both REHIT and the Feel Great System you can create a synergistic effect that enhances both your exercise performance and the overall health benefits.
  3. Align with Intermittent Fasting: If you're practicing intermittent fasting, consider timing your REHIT sessions towards the end of your fasting period. This can potentially enhance fat burning and metabolic effects. However, listen to your body and adjust based on how you feel during workouts.
  4. Adapt Your Diet: Complement your REHIT and fasting regimen with a balanced diet rich in nutrients. Focus on whole unprocessed foods like vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Consider reducing processed foods and sugars to maximize the benefits of your workout and fasting plan.
  5. Personalize Your Approach: Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Adjust the frequency of your REHIT workouts, the timing of your fasting, and your dietary choices based on your personal goals, health conditions, and lifestyle. Experiment to find what combination works best for you and makes you feel your best.

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