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The Feel Great System Listed in the PDR: Why That Matters!

clinical studies feel great system prescribers desk reference unicity balance unicity unimate Nov 29, 2021

Why does it matter that the Feel Great System products are listed in the Prescribers’ Desk Reference (PDR)?

For more than 70 years, the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) is consulted by healthcare professionals millions of times each week, and the publication has been distributed to nearly 500,000 physicians and chief pharmacists throughout the United States. 

Ninety percent of healthcare professionals consider this reference their most important source of reliable information—they believe that it helps them make appropriate and informed decisions when it comes to advising their patients on which products to use. The PDR was also made available in libraries and bookstores, widely used by other medical specialists, and sometimes referenced by consumers.

While designed to provide physicians with the full legally mandated information relevant to writing prescriptions (just as its name suggests), it later began adding nutraceuticals that were science-based and backed by peer-reviewed clinical studies. In 2002, Unicity Balance (formally called Bios Life 2) was the first natural product to be listed in the PDR.  

The 71st Edition, published in 2017, was the final hardcover edition. It weighed in at 4.6 pounds and contained information on over 1,000 drugs. Since then, the PDR has been renamed to Prescriber's Digital Reference (PDR), because not all prescribers are physicians and the reference is no longer a hardback book stored on a desk.

Today the PDR is available online ( for free, and has been integrated into some electronic health record (EHR) systems. also links to a free mobile app. The PDR continues to be a compilation of manufacturers' prescribing information (package insert) on prescription drugs, updated regularly and published by ConnectiveRx. 

Unicity International: Founder of the Feel Great System

With a strong history of developing science-based products that are clinically proven to be effective, Unicity has emerged as a leader in the nutraceutical industry and metabolic health securing exclusive patents and earning numerous awards.

In order to facilitate the best personal experiences with its products, Unicity utilizes a direct selling model. This approach allows independent brand ambassadors to work with customers, which allows customers to learn about and experience the Feel Great System with somebody they know and trust.

Unicity Sciences & Global Manufacturing

For over 30 years, Unicity has been dedicated to developing high-quality products that contain the vital nutrients your body needs. With the proper process, cutting-edge technology, and a mission to Make Life Better, Unicity Science is paving the way for a better tomorrow.

Unicity has three different Unicity Science departments—Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, along with an independent Unicity Scientific Advisory Board (USAB)—all work in tandem to create and promote high-quality, science-based products.

Unicity Global Manufacturing (UGM) has one mission: to provide safe, quality innovative manufacturing solutions that keeps our clients satisfied. UGM production and processing facilities are committed to meeting the highest quality production standards with operation processes that are skillfully implemented for maximizing productivity.

17+ Products Listed in the PDR

Now with over 17 products listed in the PDR, the Unicity science team is dedicated to innovation, working day in and day out to develop products that will be added to future editions of the PDR and continue to be recommended by medical professionals everywhere.

Two of these products listed in the PDR are the Feel Great System: Unicity Unimate yerba mate and Unicity Balance fiber matrix. Below is are the PDR listings:

Feel Better Than You Have In Years!

feel great packed displayed with a box of Unicity Balance fiber on the bottom and Unimate yerba mate on  the top and a glass with organge drink and lemon representing the Balance drink

The Feel Great System

More Energy! Healthy Blood Sugar Levels! Weight Loss!
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