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University of Sydney: Blood Glucose and Blood Insulin Study | Unicity Balance Fiber Matrix

blood glucose cholesterol clinical studies diabetes type 2 glycemic index unicity balance Mar 10, 2022
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In a world where managing blood glucose and insulin levels is crucial for millions, the University of Sydney's study on Unicity Balance (formerly Bios Life Slim) emerges as the natural non-pharmaceutical option to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

This article uncovers the University of Sydney groundbreaking research from 2001, showing the remarkable impact of Unicity Balance fiber in reducing blood sugar and insulin responses, offering natural and effective solution for those interested in improving their metabolic health.

The University of Sydney: A Pioneer in Glycemic Index Research and Metabolic Health Studies

The University of Sydney is a public research university located in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1850 as Australia's first university, it is regarded as one of the world's leading universities. It is also home to the International Glycemic Index (GI) Database maintained by the Human Nutrition Unit, and the Sydney University Glycemic Index Research Service (SUGiRS).

The Sydney University Glycemic Index Research Service (SUGiRS) has an established commercial GI testing laboratory, where they test foods for their glycemic index, insulin index, satiety response, and other metabolic parameters. 

Unicity Balance: History and Clinically Validation

Since the late 1980's Unicity International (formally known at Rexall Drugs) has always worked to clinically validate their products, Unicity Balance, formerly known as Bios Life Slim, has emerged as a game-changer. This innovative product, originally developed by scientists at the University of Santa Barbara in 1986, Unicity Balance has evolved over the years, consistently gaining recognition and recommendation from healthcare professionals worldwide.

Timeline history of Unicity Balance, showcasing product evolution from 1987's BIOS LIFE DIET to 2022's rebranded UNICITY BALANCE packaging, indicating significant milestones and formulations. Property of

What sets Unicity Balance apart is its unique formulation designed to support metabolic health. It's not just another supplement; it's a blend of natural fibers and other key ingredients that work synergistically to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, manage cholesterol, and aid in weight management. The product's efficacy is not just anecdotal; it's backed by extensive research and clinical trials conducted by renowned institutions like the Cleveland Clinic, UCLA, and the Mayo Clinic.

University of Sydney Collaboration with Unicity Sciences

The collaboration with the University of Sydney and Unicity International in 2001, adds another level of scientific evidence to the effectiveness of Unicity Balance. The University, known for its prestigious standing and its role in maintaining the International Glycemic Index (GI) Database, embarked on a significant study with Unicity. This research aimed to rigorously test and understand the effects of Unicity Balance on blood glucose and insulin levels, particularly following the consumption of common starchy foods like white bread, white rice, and instant mashed potatoes.

The objectives of the study were clear and focused: to quantify the impact of Unicity Balance on the glycemic index of these foods and to measure its effectiveness in controlling blood sugar and insulin responses in healthy individuals.

This research was focused on providing a scientifically validated solution to a global health concern – the management of blood sugar levels. The study and its remarkable findings, shows that Unicity Balance is more than just a supplement; it's a testament to the power of scientific research in improving human health and well-being.

How Unicity Balance Impacts Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels

The University of Sydney's study, in collaboration with Unicity, was meticulously designed to assess the effects of Unicity Balance on the body's response to common starchy foods. The foods chosen for this experiment were staples in many diets: white bread, white rice, and instant mashed potatoes. These foods are known for their high glycemic index, making them ideal candidates to test the efficacy of Unicity Balance.

Participants in the study were lean and healthy individuals, a deliberate choice to ensure that the results were not influenced by factors like obesity or pre-existing insulin resistance. While the study focused on lean, healthy individuals, the implications of these findings extend far beyond this group. For individuals who are insulin-resistant or overweight, the benefits of Unicity Balance could be even more pronounced. This selection criteria provided a clear baseline to measure the effects of Unicity Balance on blood sugar and insulin responses in a controlled environment.

The results of the study showed remarkable when participants consumed Unicity Balance along with these starchy foods, there was a significant reduction in their blood sugar and insulin responses.

The study's findings were quantified with precise percentages, showcasing the effectiveness of Unicity Balance in different dosages:

  • One Serving of Unicity Balance: When participants consumed one serving of Balance along with white bread, their blood glucose levels were reduced by 20%, and their blood insulin levels were reduced by 13%.
  • Two Servings of Unicity Balance: Increasing the dosage to two servings of Balance resulted in an even more significant impact. Blood glucose levels saw a reduction of 28%, and blood insulin levels were reduced by 27%.

Graph showing blood glucose levels over time with varying servings of Bios Life, indicating a significant reduction in glucose levels with increased servings.

Line chart showing the impact of Bios Life servings on blood insulin levels, with reductions noted against white bread control.

These findings are particularly noteworthy because they demonstrate the potential of Unicity Balance to mitigate the impact of high-glycemic foods on the body, a common challenge in modern diets. 

Benefits and Significance of Unicity Balance

The findings from the University of Sydney not only reinforces the potential of Unicity Balance as a powerful tool in blood sugar management but also opens up new possibilities for its use in broader population groups. It suggests that Unicity Balance could play a significant role in preventive health strategies, especially in populations at risk of conditions like type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

These results are not just numbers; they represent a significant step forward in understanding how natural supplements like Balance can be used to manage blood sugar and insulin levels effectively.

The impact of Unicity Balance extends beyond just regulating blood sugar and insulin responses. Its benefits are multifaceted, addressing several aspects of metabolic health:

  • Reduced Risk of Chronic Diseases: By managing blood sugar levels, Unicity Balance helps in reducing the risk of developing chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Weight Management: The ability to control blood sugar spikes and dips can also aid in weight management, as it helps in reducing cravings and promoting a feeling of fullness.
  • Improved Cholesterol Levels: Unicity Balance has been shown to positively affect cholesterol levels, reducing bad LDL cholesterol and potentially increasing good HDL cholesterol.
  • Enhanced Energy and Well-being: Stable blood sugar levels contribute to more consistent energy levels throughout the day, avoiding the highs and lows that can come with fluctuating blood sugar.

The significance of Unicity Balance lies in its ability to offer a comprehensive, natural solution for managing key aspects of metabolic health. Its proven effectiveness in clinical studies, such as the one conducted by the University of Sydney, positions it as a valuable tool in the quest for better health and well-being.


Unicity Balance Fiber Matrix

Unicity Balance, formally called Bios Life, was first developed by scientists at the University of Santa Barbara in 1986 while conducting research using natural fibers to manage serum cholesterol. Now more than 35 years later, Unicity Balance continues to be the most recommended natural health supplement by doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Unicity Balance has been extensively studied, peer-reviewed, and published in the medical journals. The clinical trials have been conducted by leading medical institutions including the Cleveland Clinic, UCLA, Columbia University, Mayo Clinic and Stanford School of Medicine to name just a few.

Unicity Balance Prescribers Desk Reference (PDR) Listing

Unicity Balance has been listed in the Prescribers Desk Reference (PDR) since 2002, the go-to resource for physicians requiring information about prescription and non-prescription treatment options. Unicity Balance is referenced as the first recommended course of treatment for the safe lowering of serum cholesterol and blood glucose.

The significance of Unicity Balance lies in its ability to offer a comprehensive, natural solution for managing key aspects of metabolic health. Its proven effectiveness in clinical studies, such as the one conducted by the University of Sydney, positions it as a valuable tool in the quest for better health and well-being. 

Explore Unicity Balance Today - Embrace a Healthier You

Unicity Balance's fiber matrix plays a critical role in moderating blood sugar spikes by controlling and delaying sugar absorption post-meals. This action not only lowers the glycemic index of your food but also distributes your energy more evenly throughout the day, curbing those pesky sugar cravings. Importantly, this steadier sugar level is a boon for your pancreas, reducing its need to pump out insulin.

Research on Unicity Balance has demonstrated its efficacy in helping diabetics manage post-meal sugar levels. Furthermore, the associated reduction in insulin can aid in trimming down belly fat, enhancing overall health. Unicity Balance isn't just about blood sugar; it also harnesses natural ingredients to tackle cholesterol—decreasing the harmful LDL and boosting the beneficial HDL—, lower triglycerides, and regulate blood pressure. Plus, with the addition of proprietary chromium, it helps to minimize insulin resistance, contributing to a further drop in average glucose levels.

With endorsements from hundreds of doctors—each having hundreds of patients successfully managing diabetes, weight, cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure with Unicity Balance—it's clear this is a game-changer. Seeking a natural, safe, and effective way to support your health goals? Discover the transformative power of Unicity Balance. Dive into the wealth of benefits by clicking the link below.

Healthcare professionals interested in introducing Unicity Balance to their practice can reach out for a personal consultation or call 1-800-530-4505 for direct assistance.

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