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Can You Change Your Metabolic Health in 21 days? | The Feel Great System

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Here at the Feel Great System we are a science-based company bringing together food based nutrition products that bring real results, combined with education and support. This is not designed as a quick-fix solution.

In fact, there are some on social media claiming that you can take The Feel Great System nutrition products and still eat an unhealthy diet, and the weight will just melt away and all health problems will magically disappear.

While the Feel Great System products offer many science-based proven benefits, the truth is that we are still responsible for our own dietary and lifestyle decisions. We guarantee that you will Feel Great within your first 30 days, so long as you are taking the products daily and consistently.

Willpower Is Not Enough! 

The good news is that you can feel great consistently without adopting a any restrictive diet and extreme exercise routine. The Feel Great System is designed to make a healthy lifestyle not only doable but also enjoyable.

Most health journeys start with the basics: diet and exercise. But instead of lecturing you on how you should be doing better in these areas, let’s talk about how you can make it easier on yourself to meet your diet and exercise goals.

In 2018, the CDC found 50% of Americans were trying to lose weight. However, the focus on quick weight loss, instead of health-based weight loss that might take longer. Most of us go into wanting to improve our health with good intentions.

We don’t plan on failing, even though we know the statistics and are painfully aware of our own history. We might even make good progress on our goals for a while. But eventually, the motivation starts to peter out. Enthusiasm wanes. Life gets in the way. Goals are forgotten or set aside for other things.

Willpower can help us accomplish a lot, but it’s not an infinite energy source. Strength of will isn’t enough to keep us going indefinitely, which is why so many people fail to lose weight, change their eating habits, and exercise regularly.

Bridge the Gap with Nutritional Tools

While food-based supplements like what is in the Feel Great System, can be beneficial and effective, it’s important to remember that they should not and cannot replace a healthy diet and lifestyle. Supplements are designed to supplement a healthy lifestyle, they do not create it. View these food-based products as positive tools boost that can help you meet daily nutritional requirements.

What we need is something to help us close the gap between where we are and where we want to be.  Enter The Feel Great System! Unicity International has created a simple formula that takes willpower out of the equation:

Unimate + Balance + Intermittent Fasting = FEELING GREAT!


  • Unimate is a highly concentrated yerba mate drink that helps you focus on your goals with an improved mood and heightened mental stamina. It’s a potent source of chlorogenic acids, which help support brain function, endurance, and promote an improved mood. Plus, it’s sugar free, so you know you won’t be headed for a sugar crash later.
  • Balance is a highly patented blend of fibers, nutrients, and plant compounds that is specifically designed to help your body control the carbohydrates you eat. It slows the rate at which your body processes carbs, which helps keep you fuller for longer.
  • Intermittent fasting can be done many ways, but we recommend the 16:8 method—fast for 16 hours (usually starting after your last meal of the day and ending around noon the next day) and eat during an eight-hour window each day. For example, eat all your meals between noon and 8 p.m., and then fast until noon the next day. (The timing of your fasts can be adjusted to fit your schedule and lifestyle.) This allows your body to go into a natural fat-burning state instead of relying on a steady supply of glucose for energy.

The Science Behind Feel Great

Unicity International not only believes in creating food-based nutrition products that are innovative but also based on proven science. This commitment to cutting-edge development and efficacy has led to multiple third-party certifications, US patents, listings in the Prescribers Digital Reference (PDR), coverage of our clinical studies in scientific journals, and more.

Unicity conducted four small studies using their food-based products measuring lifestyle and supplement intervention on Cardiometabolic Risk Factors over a 21, 30, 60 and 90 day periods

Cardiometabolic diseases are a group of common but often preventable conditions including heart attack, stroke, diabetes, insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. There is a global increase in the number of people who experience one or more of these conditions during their lifetime.

The 21-day study specifically aimed to determine the effect of adding two novel variations on supplements, one being yerba mate blend (Unimate), to a typical lifestyle intervention. The results of the short-term study indicated significant changes in several relevant cardiometabolic risk factors, including blood lipids, glucose and insulin, and body fat level indicators.

The Effect of a 21-Day Lifestyle and Supplement Intervention
on Cardiometabolic Risk Factors

"feelCan You Change Your Health in 21 Days?

In the below video Dr. Dan Gubler asks Dr Bikman to discuss this question from a science viewpoint. I recorded this from my phone many years ago while attending this health conference hosted by Unicity.

Dr. Benjamin Bikman, internationally renowned metabolic scientist, pathophysiology professor and author of numerous books including Why We Get Sick and Insulin Resistance (download this book for free), he says that type 2 diabetes is an insulin problem, not a glucose problem. Dr. Bikman is one of the leading researchers on Insulin Resistance, understanding the role it plays and why so many of the world's population is developing type 2 diabetes at epidemic proportions.


Feel Better Than You Have In Years!

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