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Unicity International: A Century of Science-Based Metabolic Nutrition Products

feel great system metabolic syndrome unicity international Mar 19, 2022
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Unicity International is a global direct sales company that has been providing science-based nutrition products for more than a century. With its headquarters in Orem, Utah, USA, and operations in over 50 countries, Unicity has a corporate philosophy of 'Make Life Better.'

Unicity not only believes in creating products that are innovative but also based on proven science. This commitment to cutting-edge development and efficacy has led to multiple third-party certifications, US patents, listings in the Prescribers Digital Reference (PDR), coverage of our clinical studies in scientific journals, and more.

The company is committed to developing innovative and science-based products that meet its high-quality standards.

Unicity has more than 400 nutrition products in its portfolio, and it manufactures many of them in facilities around the world. The company's involvement in the entire production process ensures that each product meets its high-quality standards, helping it meet the demand for its distributors and customers.

Unicity's flagship products include Unimate yerba mate and Balance fiber matrix, which are part of the The Feel Great System metabolic health program. Unicity has strategically placed manufacturing sites and warehouses around the world, dedicated to creating high-quality products that promote optimal health and wellness for everyone. 

Unicity's commitment to creating innovative products that are based on science has led to various clinical studies, reputable certifications, US patents, listings in the Prescribers Digital Reference (PDR), and coverage of its clinical studies in scientific journals. The company's product development process begins with extensive research that leads to innovative ideas, and the ideas are then developed into unique formulas made with only the best ingredients.

Unicity's teams evaluate over 50 product ideas each year, looking at scientific validity, fit within the Unicity portfolio, alignment with Unicity's mission, and the likelihood of success in its markets. Only about 15% of those ideas make it into the development pipeline, and of those, only two or three products will earn a place in Unicity's product profile.

Each of Unicity's products goes through over 20 iterations during the product development process, including identifying desired ingredients, making sure all ingredients are compatible in a formula, ensuring the product is acceptable to consumers, developing a good marketing story, and passing its quality tests and meeting regulatory standards.

To help achieve its goals and continue its tradition of innovation, Unicity has recruited top scientists from around the world to be part of its elite science team. With 14 scientists (and counting!), Unicity's research and development initiatives are ever-growing.

Unicity is ahead of the curve on innovation and is always researching ways to address the unique health challenges we face. Validity, science, and purpose are all carefully considered before a formula is created. Many products have been part of at least one clinical study, which has been conducted in over 15 countries, adding another layer of validation for Unicity's products.

The company's dedication to creating the strongest, fully-vetted products ensures that its teams can confidently support them. With more than 400 nutrition products in its portfolio, Unicity's commitment to research and development has led to various clinical studies, reputable certifications, US patents, listings in the PDR, and coverage of its clinical studies in scientific journals. Unicity's elite science team, which includes 14 scientists, brings unique expertise and experience to the company and supports its ever-growing research and development initiatives.

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