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Unicity International: A Century of Science-Based Metabolic Nutrition Products

feel great system metabolic syndrome unicity international Mar 19, 2022
Scientist at unicity international looking through microscope doing clinical study on supplement ingredients with the feel great system wording

Welcome to the world of Unicity International, a leader in metabolic health and wellness for over a century. With over 100 years of experience, Unicity International has distinguished itself as a global leader in direct sales, offering science-based nutrition products.

Headquartered in Orem, Utah, and operating in more than 50 countries, Unicity's mission to 'Make Life Better' shines through its corporate philosophy.

Scientific Excellence at Unicity International: Certifications and Patents

Unicity's dedication to innovation is matched by its commitment to scientific integrity. This dedication has resulted in numerous third-party certifications, US and global patents, and prestigious listings in the Prescribers' Digital Reference (PDR). Products covered in scientific journals underscore Unicity's rigorous approach to product development, highlighting the company's unwavering commitment to quality and efficacy.


Image of the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) along with the Feel Great System products Unicity Unimate Lemon-Ginger and Balance Fiber

Global Manufacturing for Quality: Unicity's Nutrition Product Portfolio

Unicity International Inc oversees the production of hundreds of nutrition products in its global facilities, ensuring adherence to the highest quality standards. This meticulous oversight fulfills the needs of distributors and customers worldwide, reflecting the comprehensive range of Unicity USA products. 

The Feel Great System: Unicity's Flagship Metabolic Health Program

Unicity's premier products, Unimate yerba mate and Balance fiber matrix, are key components to the Feel Great System, a metabolic health program designed to promote optimal wellness. The company's strategic placement of manufacturing sites and warehouses globally underscores its commitment to quality health solutions. The Feel Great Unicity system is a standout example of this commitment.

Product Development at Unicity: A Rigorous and Innovative Process

Annually, over 50 product ideas are scrutinized for scientific merit, market fit, and alignment with Unicity's mission at Unicity international Inc. Only about 15% of those ideas make it into the development pipeline, and of those, only two or three products will earn a place in Unicity's diverse product profile, including unicity weight loss products.

Over 20 iterations in product development reflect Unicity's dedication to balancing ingredient selection, formula compatibility, consumer appeal, marketing narrative, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance. This thorough process is a testament to Unicity company's dedication to excellence.

Unicity's Elite Science Team: Driving Research and Innovation

To maintain its innovative edge, Unicity has assembled an elite team of global scientists. This team spearheads the company's research, ensuring that every product is not just innovative but also scientifically validated, embodying the vision of Unicity International.

Clinical Studies and Scientific Research: Unicity's Commitment

The extensive range of products, each supported by clinical studies and scientific research, demonstrates the company's unwavering commitment to nutritional science. Unicity products undergo rigorous clinical studies in over 15 countries, adding a layer of validation that few can match. This commitment to scientific research has led to a portfolio that's not only extensive but also backed by clinical evidence and recognized by health professionals.

Unlocking Wellness with the Feel Great System eBook

Embark on a transformative health journey with our comprehensive Feel Great System eBook. This 10-page guide is your key to understanding a holistic approach to wellness that's making waves globally. Delve into a detailed explanation of the Feel Great System, a philosophy designed to empower and rejuvenate.

What's Inside?

  • Detailed Introduction: Get acquainted with the Feel Great System's philosophy and methodology.
  • Step-by-Step Guide: Learn how to integrate the system seamlessly into your lifestyle, no matter your starting point.
  • Scientific Backing: Explore the scientific principles and clinical studies that underscore the system's effectiveness.
  • Expert Endorsements: Read insights from healthcare professionals and top athletes who have experienced the system's transformative power.

This eBook is more than just a manual; it's a gateway to understanding and harnessing the power of glucose, insulin, and time-based eating for optimal health. By breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand language, it ensures that everyone, from beginners to seasoned health enthusiasts, can benefit.

Ready to elevate your health game? Download the Feel Great System eBook now and step confidently into a healthier, more informed future. Your journey to wellness starts here!

Get your free Feel Great System Complete eBook Guide! Learn about Unicity Unimate yerba mate and Balance fiber matrix drinks for better health and balanced blood sugar and insulin levels.

Get your free Feel Great System Complete eBook Guide! Learn about Unicity Unimate yerba mate and Balance fiber matrix drinks for better health and balanced blood sugar and insulin levels.

Financial Security with the Feel Great System Income Option eBook

In today's ever-changing economic landscape, achieving financial security is more important than ever. The Feel Great System isn't just about improving your health; it's a comprehensive avenue to financial empowerment. This eBook delves into how Unicity's Feel Great System can transform your enthusiasm for health into a robust source of income, highlighting why a Plan B is essential in today's world.

What's Inside?

  • From Enthusiast to Earner: Learn how to transition from being a product user to generating a steady income.
  • Residual Income: Understand the concept of earning continuously from a single sale.
  • Building Community: Discover how creating a community around the Feel Great System can lead to a recurring income.
  • Credibility and Longevity: Read about Unicity's long-standing reputation and how it adds value to your financial journey.

Why It's Essential: This eBook isn't just about earning an income; it's about building a sustainable financial future with a credible partner. It breaks down the tangible benefits of the Feel Great System as a source of income, from the basics of residual income to the importance of having a reliable Plan B.

Whether you're looking to supplement your income or transition to a new financial pathway, this eBook is your comprehensive guide. With insights from personal experiences to the success stories of others, you'll see how the Feel Great System can be more than just a health solution—it's a step towards financial liberation.

Ready to explore a new horizon of financial opportunities? Download the Feel Great System Income Option eBook now and begin your journey towards a more secure financial future. Your path to financial freedom starts here!

Open eBook showcasing 'The Essential Feel Great System Income Option eBook Guide' by Doug Collins, with a cover featuring a woman on the phone and an internal page with informative icons and data.

Get your free Feel Great System Complete Income eBook Guide! Learn about the Uncity International products and business opportunity.

As you embark on your journey towards optimal health and financial wellbeing, remember that with the right knowledge and tools, like those provided in the Feel Great System and Income Option eBooks, a life of wellness and prosperity is not just a dream, but an achievable reality. Take that first step today and discover how you can transform your life for the better.

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