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Is The Feel Great System Real & Legit? | Unimate Yerba Mate & Balance Fiber Matrix

feel great system unicity balance unicity international unicity unimate Mar 23, 2022

The reason The Feel Great System has met with so much success, and so fast, is that the two key science-based products. With its success and latest marketing, many people are wondering if the Feel Great System is legitimate. 

The Feel Great System is two scientifically evidence based food products. The first is Unicity Unimate yerba mate drink and the second is Unicity Balance fiber matrix. When used together as a system these products are clinically proven to make a healthy lifestyle not only doable, but also achievable. that work together synergistically to control hunger, reduce cravings, support healthy blood sugars, facilitate weight loss and reducing insulin resistance.

The system is designed to make a healthy lifestyle not only doable but also enjoyable, without having to starve yourself or rely on willpower as you can still enjoy your favorite foods in moderation.

Who Discovered The Feel Great System

Unicity International, is the company who created the Feel Great System. This company began three decades ago with one product, but it has since become a thriving global movement that promotes good health and wellness for millions. While Unicity has grown, the purpose—make life better—has remained the same. The Feel Great System is now a thriving global movement based on proven science. 

The Feel Great System Products

Unicity Unimate is highly concentrated yerba mate drink contains a unique blend of plant compounds known to:

  • Improve mood
  • Boost energy
  • Heighten mental clarity
  • Suppress appetite

Unicity Balance is a patented blend of fibers, nutrients, and plant compounds are specifically designed to:

  • Slow carbohydrate absorption so you stay full longer
  • Promote proper digestion and cholesterol absorption
  • Provide 9 essential vitamins and minerals 

A Journey of Discovery

Unicity began as one product, but it has since become a thriving global movement that promotes good health and wellness for millions. While Unicity has grown, our purpose—make life better—has remained the same.

Unicity began with one product: Bios Life (later named “Balance”). Bios Life provided a unique way to support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

When the product was originally placed in retail stores throughout the United States, there was one problem: it didn’t sell as well as expected. Although the product had been endorsed by professionals for its unique qualities, it needed more explanation than the traditional nutrition label could offer.

As a result, a new person-to-person sales process was implemented. The model gave people the opportunity to connect with others and explain why Unicity products differed from generic supplements. From there, Unicity continued to expand and establish international markets as well as an ever-growing product selection.

In 2006, Unicity named Stewart Hughes as its new CEO. Hughes began as a successful distributor who initially joined Unicity because of the positive effects Bios Life had on his health. Because of the benefits that came from Bios Life, Hughes committed himself to helping others achieve better health.

Unicity envisions becoming a global leader in innovation, with an unrivaled business model, that enhances self-confidence and financial well-being of millions of families around the globe. While Unicity has grown and expanded over the years, the mission has remained the same: Make Life Better.

Unicity is a global leader in innovation, with an unrivaled business model, that enhances self-confidence and financial well-being of millions of families around the globe. While Unicity has grown and expanded over the years, the mission has remained the same: Make Life Better.

Supported by Science 

Unicity International not only believes in creating products that are innovative but also based on proven science. This commitment to cutting-edge development and efficacy has led to multiple third-party certifications, US patents, listings in the Prescribers Digital Reference (PDR), coverage of our clinical studies in scientific journals, and more.

The Prescribers’ Digital Reference (PDR), formerly the Physicians’ Desk Reference, is the drug and wellness directory most commonly used and trusted by healthcare providers worldwide. Continued focus on clinical research has enabled Unicity to list 17+ products in the prestigious publication.

For over 30 years, Unicity has been dedicated to developing high-quality products that contain the vital nutrients your body needs. With the proper process, cutting-edge technology, and a mission to Make Life Better, Unicity Science is paving the way for a better tomorrow.

Unicity Science Team of Experts 

With manufacturing sites and warehouses strategically placed around the world, Unicity is dedicated to creating high-quality products that promote optimal health and wellness for everyone. To help us achieve these goals and continue our tradition of innovation, Unicity has recruited top scientists from around the world to be the driving force of our elite science team.

Erin Glynn, Ph.D.
Vice President, Research and Development

Dr. Erin Glynn has recently been appointed as Unicity’s Vice President of Research and Development. Dr. Glynn earned her bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology from Texas A&M University, and she received her doctorate in biomedical science from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Dr. Glynn then pursued a postdoctoral fellowship at Duke University, where she focused on the metabolic profiling of conditions like obesity and diabetes.

Afa Kehaati Palu, Ph.D.
Principal R&D Scientist

Dr. Palu brings a wealth of scientific knowledge to Unicity. He is recognized as one of the top scientific researchers in noni research worldwide and is the author of over 20 peer-reviewed scientific articles and scientific patents on noni health. He brings his skills to Unicity to help ensure our products continue to lead the industry in metabolic health. Dr. Palu comes from a long line of Tongan traditional healers, who have used Tongan medicinal plants (including noni) since the 17th century. He holds a PhD in Educational Leadership with a minor in Molecular Biology from Brigham Young University Provo, as well as a Master’s in Botany with emphasis in Plant Molecular Genetics. 

Dannie Li, Ph.D.
Botanical Scientist

Dr. Li is an experienced product development scientist. She has used her exceptional chemical engineering problem-solving skills to lead the development of many verified safe and evidence-based natural health ingredients. She has developed the extraction/purification process and methods for over 50 GRAS Status medicinal foods and botanicals. Before coming to Unicity, Dr. Li received her PhD in physical chemistry from the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICCAS) in Beijing, China. She completed her postdoctoral work under Virginia Commonwealth University & Dr. Mark McHugh, a global Super Critical CO2 extraction technology innovator.

Lucas Grant, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist

Dr. Lucas Grant received his doctorate in microbiology, food and nutrition sciences from the University of Queensland, Australia. His doctoral research and scientific publications focus on the gut microbiome, functional foods, and the relationship between phytonutrients and human health. In addition to his research, Dr. Grant has worked for the Life-Space Group as a primary microbiome and probiotic researcher focusing on innovative probiotic and prebiotic supplement development.

Sow Li Cheng, Ph.D.
Senior R&D Specialist

Dr. Sow Li Cheng received her bachelor’s degree and doctorate in food science and technology from the National University of Singapore. Her doctorate research and scientific publications focus on the interaction, structure, and physicochemical properties of hydrocolloids systems. She has worked many years in the food industry, researching and producing foods that come in various formats and health functions, including beverages, baked goods, and confectionery.

Stephanie Kung, Ph.D.
R&D Scientific Affairs Specialist

Dr. Kung joined Unicity to oversee clinical trials research. Her focus is to contribute to the development of science-based nutrition products that can help improve overall well-being and health. She earned her BS in chemical biology (with a minor in nutrition) from the University of California, Berkeley. She received her doctorate in nutrition and food science from Utah State University with a research emphasis on polyphenols and intestinal health. Her interest in nutrient metabolism and bioactive compounds makes her a perfect fit for Unicity.

Yau Yin Hoe, Ph.D.
R&D Principal Investigator

Dr. Yau Yin Hoe received his bachelor’s degrees in biochemistry and microbiology and his doctorate from the National University of Singapore. He has advised and collaborated with various international companies, such as Cytiva, Bio-Rad Diagnostics, Agilent, and Perkin-Elmer. Dr. Yau’s research interests include biomolecular interaction analysis, biosensors, drug discovery, and rapid test kit and monitoring device development. He recently joined Performance Labs Pte Ltd as the research and development principal investigator.



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