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Feel Great System Diabetes: Your Solution for Stable Blood Sugar Control

blood glucose diabetes type 2 feel great system unicity balance Jul 21, 2023
Man with diabetes using a test strip for insulin glucose measurement, with text overlay reading 'Revolutionizing Type 2 Diabetes: The Feel Great System'

Are you or a loved one striving to manage blood sugar levels with type 2 diabetes? Looking for a more practical and holistic method to regulate blood glucose?

For most people, type 2 diabetes is challenging to manage, but the good news is that there's a system that offers science-based results. In this article, we will review the Feel Great System as that solution, and especially now combined with my newly released book Beyond Feel Great, will be your roadmap to better manage diabetes.

The Feel Great System is a lifestyle-focused approach that involves a unique combination of two science-based products combined with time-based eating. By following the Feel Great System guidelines, this is a proven program to manage diabetes effectively.

One of the cornerstones of the Feel Great System is maintaining stable blood glucose levels. On this website and in the book Beyond Feel Great, I've written extensively on the relationship between insulin, blood glucose, and health outcomes providing a more comprehensive understanding of the connection between these factors and diabetes. Here are a number of links that you will find helpful.

The Feel Great System is not just about taking two food based supplements; it's also about knowledge, empowerment and taking actionable steps that improve our health. For instance, the approach includes time-restricted eating patterns, such as intermittent fasting, which has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and control blood glucose levels.

The Beyond Feel Great book also guides you to make informed food choices that can have a substantial impact on our overall health and diabetes management. The book will take you a simple explanation on the impact of carbohydrates and the importance of the glycemic index, making it easier to choose foods that keep blood sugar levels stable.

There are many medications like metformin and glyburide used as first-line treatments in the medical profession have proven in clinical trials to not have lasting benefits and there are many supplements with claims to offer an alternative solution.

When it comes supplements, I explore this topic in detail on our website and in 'Beyond Feel Great,' providing you with the knowledge to navigate the supplement industry confidently. From understanding the benefits and pitfalls of supplements to making informed decisions on which products to incorporate into your routine, you will gain insight that will enhance your health journey.

I believe that managing diabetes doesn't have to be overwhelming. To achieve real, lasting results in controlling blood glucose, it's about having the right tools, knowledge, and support at your disposal. With the Feel Great System, my book 'Beyond Feel Great,' and my personalized support, you'll have a proven approach to diabetes management. This approach not only helps control your blood glucose levels but also improves overall health.

Take a step towards better managing your diabetes today. Learn more about the Feel Great System on this website and order a copy of the book Beyond Feel Great and use it as your personal guide in this journey. Together, we can transform your approach to diabetes management.

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