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Eat Whatever You Want & Still Lose Weight & Lower Blood Sugars: The Feel Great System

blood glucose diabetes type 2 feel great system heart disease insulin resistance Mar 20, 2022
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I am well aware of the information circulating throughout social media claiming that you can take The Feel Great System products, still eat whatever you want, and the weight will just melt away and blood sugars will level out -- all your health issues will magically disappear!

Imagine, if we didn't need to make any dietary or lifestyle changes and all we had to do was add a couple of food-based nutrition products eat what we want - then our blood sugars will still come down to healthy levels, the weight melts off, diabetes reversed, off all medications - and we can live forever happily ever after continuing to do the same thing that caused the health concern in the first place - poor dietary and lifestyle habits.

What They Are Promoting is NOT TRUE! 

While the products are fantastic, and do they offer many science-based benefits let's be honest - this is magic beans! Unfortunately, those who are touting these messages online are using it as part of their "sales pitch". Sadly, they are doing themselves (and you) a disserve and quite frankly the Feel Great System itself. 

This message has been crafted with a focus of selling you something rather than offering you the real education and the support needed to allow the Feel Great System to work with you as it was scientifically designed to do, as created by the founders Unicity International, who are world leader in metabolic nutritional health sciences. 

The truth is that we are responsible for our own decisions for what we put into our body. Making better food choices is always a good decision. Let's admit we live in an imperfect world, and we cannot expect to eat "perfect" every day. If you are like most people, you have probably tried other fad diets and supplement regimes that promised miraculous result, and they haven’t worked leaving you disappointed. That’s because the magic isn’t in whatever was being sold to you - it’s inside you.

So, let's keep in mind that it's the abundance and consistency of those foods that is the cause of our health issues. Dietary, lifestyle and hereditary attacks spanning many years, but those foods also give pleasure and satisfaction, so they are hard to give up. Food is one of the greatest pleasures we have and often it's cultural; so, we often have little willpower or interest in removing that pleasure - that can make life less enjoyable.

We do have to understand the importance of balance and that we are constantly fighting against the modern food environment. These processed food companies invest huge resources into one mission - designing foods that stimulate a never-ending desire for more of their food. 

The truth is that our daily food choices are often decisions that move us towards the worldwide epidemic called Metabolic Syndromeand this leads to nearly every single degenerative disease as it's connected insulin levels in our bodies. 

With the Feel Great System, we are not saying that you can’t eat the foods you like. On the contrary, our goal is to work with you to eat in a way that allows you to enjoy food in a responsible, healthy way with no guilt and no regrets. 

As good as Balance fiber matrix and Unimate yerba mate is we will still have to take control of our dietary intake. Here is an example of some of the education and support you will receive from me, through this website. 


Recently one of my type 2 diabetic clients reached out to me with a concern! The text read:

Feel Great is failing me. After ordering many packages I have not lost any more weight and now my blood pressure it up. Doesn’t work as advertised.”

So, I immediately texted this client back and suggested we get on a call to talk. Here is some background to the situation to give some context.

This client started on the Feel Great System in late July 2021. In the following months the blood sugars went from 400’s (14+ in Canada) down into the 150 (7.0 in Canada) range. He lost 10lbs. All that without changing his eating habits. He works from home every day, most days he works lying on his bed.

After work, meals consist of takeout at Taco Bell or Popeyes. This client felt he should have continued to lose weight because he has been taking these products. Even more, he was really concerned that over the last month his blood pressure has increased significantly. He was thinking it was the Unimate was causing this. His doctor suggested he stop taking it.

My Recommendations

I explained to him that 1 packet of Unimate and 2 packets of Balance per day can only do so much for us. It does do a good job in getting us started but we do have to take responsibility for our bodies by feeding it with “real food” that includes protein and fiber and adding some physical activity.

I provided some simple effective strategies he can implement into his day that will continue to bring him results. If you would like a copy of these instructions reach out to me and I will forward it to you. 

Elevated Blood Pressure

As for the blood pressure I explained that these takeout meals could be part of the issue. Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against blood vessel walls. The heart pumps blood into the arteries (blood vessels) which carry the blood throughout the body. High blood pressure, also called hypertension, means the pressure in your arteries is above the normal range.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, considered by many the #1 Heart Institute in the US, the suggest eating less of food that contain fatty meats, fried, salted and fast foods. When you eat too much salt, which contains sodium, your body holds extra water to "wash" the salt from your body. In some people, this may cause blood pressure to rise. The added water puts stress on your heart and blood vessels.

Better food choices, more water and physical activity (an evening walk) will assist in keeping the blood pressure down along with the Feel Great System products. I reassured him that the Unimate is not the cause of his blood pressure and referred to the clinical study in Switzerland that showed it lowered blood pressure. 

He later texted me back...

I wonder if it some sort of reaction to my 3rd Covid booster shot as the blood pressure started around that time…”.

The Lesson of This Story

As amazing and effective these Feel Great System products are, they can only do so much! We still have to take responsibility for what we put into our bodies and how often we move it. This includes other medications, injections and even supplements. 

If you are looking to improve your health, I encourage you to learn more about The Feel Great System and how you can become part of my inner circle with personalized coaching and private community. I care about every individual who embraces the Feel Great System through my website and will be there personally to support for each and every person.  

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