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Debunking the Myth: Can The Feel Great System Really Let You Eat Anything and Still Lose Weight?

blood glucose feel great system weight loss Oct 19, 2023
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I've noticed a buzz on social media suggesting that The Feel Great System is a miracle cure.

The claim? Take these products, eat whatever you like, and watch as your weight drops and blood sugar stabilizes—no more health issues, like magic!

But let's get real. What if all it took to achieve optimal health was adding a few food-based nutritional supplements to your diet? Could you really ignore lifestyle and dietary habits, yet still expect to reverse diabetes, get off medications, and live a healthier life?

Setting the Record Straight: The Real Science Behind The Feel Great System

While The Feel Great System products offer numerous science-backed benefits, let's clear the air: they're not a magic bullet. The hype you see online is often more about making a sale than providing genuine education and support. This not only does a disservice to you but also undermines the integrity of The Feel Great System itself.

The truth is, The Feel Great System was designed to work in tandem with a healthy lifestyle. Created by the founders of Unicity International, a global leader in metabolic nutritional health sciences, the system aims to provide real, science-based solutions—not quick fixes.

Taking Control: Why The Feel Great System is a Tool, Not a Miracle Cure

Let's face it: we're the ones in charge of what goes into our bodies. While making healthier food choices is always a win, nobody's perfect. Most of us have dabbled in fad diets and miracle supplements, only to find they fall short. Why? Because the real magic isn't in the product—it's in you.

It's crucial to remember that our health issues often stem from the types and amounts of food we consistently consume. Factors like diet, lifestyle, and even genetics play a role over time. And let's be honest, giving up foods that bring us joy and cultural connection isn't easy. But that doesn't mean we should abandon the pursuit of a healthier life.

Striking a Balance: How The Feel Great System Fits into Today's Food Landscape

Understanding the importance of balance is key, especially when we're up against a modern food industry designed to keep us craving more. Big food companies pour enormous resources into creating products that are almost addictive.

The reality is, our daily food choices often steer us toward a global health crisis known as Metabolic Syndrome. This condition is a precursor to a host of degenerative disease, all linked to insulin levels in our bodies.

That said, The Feel Great System isn't about depriving you of the foods you love. Quite the opposite. Our aim is to guide you in making food choices that let you enjoy what you eat, but in a balanced, guilt-free, and health-conscious manner. 

As good as Balance fiber matrix and Unimate yerba mate is we will still have to take control of our dietary intake. Here is an example of some of the education and support you will receive from me, through this website. 

Real Talk: A Client's Journey with The Feel Great System and Type 2 Diabetes

I recently received a message from a client with Type 2 diabetes who was concerned about his experience with The Feel Great System. His text read:

"Feel Great is failing me. I've ordered multiple packages, haven't lost any more weight, and my blood pressure has risen. It's not delivering as promised."

I immediately reached out to discuss his concerns. Here's some context:

He started using The Feel Great System in late July 2021. Over the next few months, his blood sugar levels dropped from the 400s to the 150 range, and he lost 10 pounds—all without altering his diet. He works from home, often from the comfort of his bed.

His typical post-work meals? Takeout from Taco Bell or Popeyes. Despite using The Feel Great System, he felt he should have continued to lose weight. What concerned him more was a significant rise in his blood pressure over the past month. He wondered if Unimate, one of the products in the system, was to blame. His doctor even advised him to stop taking it. 

Expert Advice: How to Maximize Results with The Feel Great System

I clarified to my client that relying solely on one packet of Unimate and two packets of Balance per day isn't a one-stop solution. While these products offer a strong starting point, the key to lasting results lies in a balanced diet rich in protein and fiber, coupled with regular physical activity.

I shared actionable strategies he could easily incorporate into his daily routine for sustained results. If you're interested in these personalized recommendations, feel free to reach out, and I'll be happy to share them with you.

Addressing Concerns: The Link Between Blood Pressure and The Feel Great System

When it comes to elevated blood pressure, I pointed out that frequent takeout meals could be a contributing factor. Blood pressure is essentially the force exerted by circulating blood against the walls of the body's arteries. High blood pressure, or hypertension, occurs when this force exceeds normal levels.

Citing the Cleveland Clinic who has also done a study on Unicity Balance, widely regarded as one of the top heart institutes in the U.S., I recommended reducing intake of fatty meats, fried foods, and high-sodium items. Consuming too much salt can cause your body to retain water, increasing pressure on your heart and blood vessels, and potentially raising your blood pressure.

To manage blood pressure effectively, better food choices, increased water intake, and regular physical activity like evening walks can make a difference. Alongside these lifestyle changes, The Feel Great System can also play a supportive role. I reassured my client that Unimate was not the culprit for his elevated blood pressure, referencing a Swiss clinical study that indicated its potential to lower blood pressure.

He later responded, pondering if his recent 3rd Covid booster shot could have influenced his blood pressure.

The Takeaway: Your Role in Maximizing The Feel Great System's Benefits

While The Feel Great System offers a powerful suite of products, it's not a standalone solution. The onus is on us to make mindful choices about our diet, exercise, and even other medications or supplements we may be taking.

If you're committed to enhancing your well-being, I invite you to delve deeper into The Feel Great System. By joining my inner circle, you'll gain access to personalized coaching and a supportive community. I'm personally invested in the success of each individual who chooses to embrace The Feel Great System through my platform.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Download my Feel Great eBook to unlock the secrets of getting the most out of The Feel Great System.

This article was first published on March 20, 2022, and has been extensively updated to provide a deeper dive into dietary considerations and the Feel Great System. It now includes advice on maximizing results, new insights into managing blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes while using the Feel Great System, as well as valuable new eBook download resources to help you have the best experience.

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