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New Study: Unicity's Unimate Yerba Mate Reveals Appetite Control Benefits

clinical studies unicity unimate yerba mate Nov 06, 2023
Person sitting down holding a pamphlet titled 'Effect of Unimate on appetite among adults - appetite suppression', with a bold overlay text reading 'UNIMATE YERBA MATE - STUDY REVEALS: CONTROLS HUNGER' against a background with the website URL ''.

Unicity International has once again pushed the boundaries of health science by exploring the appetite-regulating properties of Unimate Yerba Mate.

This latest research aligns with their commitment to the Feel Great System and supports Unicity's focus of creating metabolic health products with solid scientific evidence.

Unimate's Role in Appetite Suppression Revealed

Unimate is not just any yerba mate product; it's a historically rich supplement rigorously tested for its health benefits. The study, "Effect of Unimate on acute appetite suppression among adults," aimed to investigate Unimate's ability to curb cravings and enhance satiety after a 12-hour overnight fast.

The study's methodology was robust, using an open-label interventional trial to closely examine the impact of Unimate on appetite control among 26 healthy adults. These participants engaged in a controlled study, consuming Unimate Lemon and a placebo drink on separate occasions.

Significant Findings: Unimate's Role in Reducing Hunger

The study's findings were significant, showing a decrease in hunger and an increase in satiety compared to the placebo. Specifically, a notable decline in the desire to eat was recorded at intervals after consuming Unimate. These results underscore Unimate's effectiveness in appetite suppression as part of the Feel Great System.

Understanding Unimate's Impact Through Data

Graph displaying the 'Desire to eat' over a period of 120 minutes, comparing the effects of Unimate and a placebo. The line for Unimate shows a significant decrease in 'desire to eat' after consumption, with statistical markers indicating key points of difference. Study highlights Unimate's role in acute appetite suppression among adults.

Despite the limited sample size, the study's statistical significance suggests that the effects of Unimate are reliable and not by chance. The use of the Visual Analog Scale (VAS) to measure appetite sensations affirmed a significant reduction in the participants' desire to eat following Unimate intake, reinforcing the product's role in managing appetite.

Broader Implications for Health and Well-being The study indicated an 18% increase in positive emotional states and a decrease in negative feelings among participants. Additionally, the potential cardiovascular benefits identified call for more research, as these preliminary findings suggest Unimate could support heart health.

The Comprehensive Health Benefits of Yerba Mate

Previous research has highlighted yerba mate's capacity to enhance cognitive function, offer antioxidant properties, and support metabolic health. Its role in improving cholesterol levels, bone density, and cardiovascular health further solidifies yerba mate's place in a healthy lifestyle.

Unicity's Commitment to Health Through Unimate Unicity International continues to validate and endorse the Feel Great System with scientific research. The Unimate Yerba Mate study is an invitation to consider its benefits for appetite control and overall health enhancement.

For Detailed Insights: Download the Unimate Study

Open scientific pamphlet laying flat, displaying charts and text on 'Summary' and 'Conclusion' of the study titled 'Effect of Unimate on appetite suppression among adults', with a visible website URL '' and a contact number at the bottom.

Download the Unimate Appetite Suppression Study

To gain a deeper understanding of Unimate's appetite-suppressing abilities, download the study. Enhance your knowledge further with the Feel Great System eBook, a comprehensive guide to a balanced, health-conscious life.

Discover the scientific foundations of the Feel Great System and incorporate Unimate into your routine by accessing the eBook. With Unicity's ongoing research and this website's resources, join a community that values scientific evidence and genuine health improvement.

Expand Your Knowledge with the Feel Great System eBook Guide

As you consider the benefits of Unimate, revealed in the study as a powerful aid in appetite control and mood improvement, you may wish to deepen your understanding of how to integrate this supplement into your lifestyle effectively as part of the Feel Great System.

In my mission to empower individuals with knowledge and tools, I created an extensive Feel Great System eBook that serves as a guide to making informed decisions about your health and well-being.

This eBook is more than just a collection of information; it's a comprehensive tool that complements the findings of the Unimate study. It provides practical advice on incorporating Unimate into your daily routine, insights into the science behind the Feel Great System, and tips for maintaining a balanced and health-forward lifestyle.

Get your copy of the Feel Great System eBook now and take the next step in expanding your health knowledge. With Unicity International's ongoing studies and my comprehensive resources provided here on this website, you're not just following a health trend; you're part of a Feel Great community dedicated to scientific substantiation and genuine well-being.

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