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Latest Study: Enhanced Well-Being with Unicity's Feel Great System | Spotlight on Unimate & Balance

clinical studies feel great system unicity balance unicity unimate Nov 05, 2023
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Unicity International continues its dedication to scientific review of the Feel Great System with the latest findings showing how it improves feelings of well-being in healthy adults.

Unicity International, a pioneer in health and wellness, remains dedicated in its commitment to scientifically validating the Feel Great System. The company has unveiled new study results, further reinforcing the system's health benefits.

Unicity International's mission extends from developing the worlds best-in-class health products with a dedication to ongoing research. The latest study is part of a series of research initiatives aimed at demonstrating the efficacy of the Feel Great System in improving overall well-being.

The latest research on Unicity Balance fiber matrix and Unimate yerba mate contributes another layer of scientific validation to the Feel Great System, reflecting Unicity's dedication to thorough and rigorous scientific exploration.

Study Overview: Examining the Feel Great System

Open brochure of the 'Feel Great' program showing the cover page with text 'The 'Feel Great' program improves cardiometabolic health outcomes in healthy adults' alongside graphs and summaries inside.

The study, titled The “Feel Great” program improves feelings of well-being in healthy adults was an open-label interventional trial involving 37 healthy adults aged between 20 to 65 years. These participants, all employees of Unicity or its affiliates, followed the Feel Great protocol for 60 days. The regimen included two key supplements:

  • Unimate Lemon: A yerba mate-based supplement consumed once in the morning.
  • Unicity Balance: A fiber supplement taken twice per day before meals.

Additionally, participants engaged in an overnight fast spanning 12-16 hours throughout the study duration. The well-being of participants was measured using the Scale of Positive and Negative Experiences (SPANE), a validated survey tool assessing the frequency of positive and negative feelings over a four-week period.

Study Results: Documented Improvements in Well-Being from the Feel Great System

Participants in the study reported improved mood balance, with a statistically significant increase in positive affect and a decrease in negative affect. These findings suggest that the Feel Great System may have a beneficial impact on emotional well-being.

Graph displaying percentage changes in various health markers after 60 days on the 'Feel Great' program, with significant improvements in cardiometabolic health.

Download the Feel Great Well-Being Study

The study's results were quantified using the SPANE Affect Balance, which ranges from -24 (least happy) to +24 (most happy). Significant increases in the Affect Balance SPANE Score were observed, indicating enhanced overall well-being after both 30 and 60 days of following the protocol. Specifically:

  • Positive Feelings scores increased significantly from baseline after 30 days (p=0.02) and 60 days (p=0.008).
  • Negative Feelings scores decreased significantly from baseline after 30 days (p<0.0001) and 60 days (p=0.0001).

This data suggests that participants experienced an 18% increase in positive feelings and an 18% decrease in negative feelings after 60 days on the Feel Great program.

The Feel Great System: What’s Included and Benefits

The Feel Great System combines Unimate, a yerba mate drink, and Unicity Balance, a fiber matrix supplement, taken daily along with an overnight fast. This combination is designed to support metabolic health, enhance mood, and promote cardiovascular wellness.

An infographic showcasing a health and nutrition concept with two packets, 'Unicity Unimate' lemon flavor and 'Unicity Balance' orange flavor, linked with a 'Time-based eating pattern' clock icon, emphasizing the dietary plan of 'Unimate' and 'Balance'.

By adopting the Feel Great System, individuals can expect to experience a measurable improvement in their mood balance and overall sense of well-being. The study's findings indicate that consistent use of the Feel Great System may lead to:

  • A significant uplift in positive emotions such as happiness, joy, and contentment.
  • A reduction in negative emotions such as sadness, fear, and anger.
  • Potential improvements in cardiovascular and metabolic health, although further research is needed to fully establish these benefits.

Metabolic and Cardiovascular Findings from the Feel Great System

In addition to mood improvements, the study observed potential benefits for metabolic and cardiovascular health. These include:

  • Enhanced metabolic function, potentially aiding in weight management.
  • Indications of improved cardiovascular health, though further research is needed to substantiate these findings.

Access the Full Feel Great System Study

Unicity International's latest study reinforces the Feel Great System as a viable option for those seeking to improve their well-being.

Embarking on a healthier lifestyle is an ongoing journey of discovery. Unicity International is committed to equipping you with the necessary resources to navigate this journey confidently.

Unicity International's latest study reinforces the Feel Great System as a viable option for those seeking to improve their well-being. The company encourages individuals to review the study and consider the system as part of their health regimen.

To learn more and gain an understanding of Feel Great Systems’ effects in this study, download the study page titled “The The “Feel Great” program improves feelings of well-being in healthy adults.  

Further Exploration: Feel Great System eBook Available

To gain a deeper understanding of the Feel Great System and its principles, I created an extensive Feel Great System eBook that serves as a guide to making informed decisions about your health and well-being.

This eBook is more than just a collection of information; it's a comprehensive tool that complements the findings of the Feel Great study. It provides practical advice on incorporating Unimate and Balance into your daily routine, insights into the science behind the Feel Great System products, and tips for maintaining a balanced and health-forward lifestyle.

Get your copy of the Feel Great System eBook now and take the next step in expanding your health knowledge. With Unicity International's ongoing studies and my comprehensive resources provided here on this website, you're not just following a health trend; you're part of a Feel Great community dedicated to scientific substantiation and genuine well-being.

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