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Jul 05, 2021

Here's why Unimate™ is such a vital part of the Unicity Feel Great System!

  • Unimate™ is a highly concentrated yerba mate drink that will help you focus on your goals with an improved mood and heightened mental stamina.
  • Yerba mate has been used in South America for thousands of years. Its unique blend of plant compounds is known to improve mood, heighten mental clarity, and suppress appetite.
  • Unimate™ is a potent source of up to 10x the chlorogenic acid content of a cup of coffee. Chlorogenic acid: the “get-up-and-go” compound in coffee.

Unimate™ is incredibly pure and designed to support cognitive function, feelings of well-being and endurance. Unimate™ contains up to 375 times more chlorogenic acids than other commercially available yerba meta drinks.

Since 2017, Unimate™ has been through a series of clinical studies and the impact of this product is remarkable: 

  1. Clinically established to increase sense of well-being, enhancing your mood.
  2. Potent appetite suppressant because of the dramatic increase in ketones produced – especially when taken first thing in the morning.
  3. Powerful complement to our Balance product that dramatically improve your metabolic health.
  4. Significantly increases physical endurance such as running or cycling.
  5. Significantly increases resistance training ability.
  6. Speeds muscle recovery after workouts.

That’s why Unimate™ was listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR) in 2018.

Unimate™ is currently engaged in twelve additional clinical studies – it’s a product that is well on its way to becoming a life-changing billion-dollar product.

Clinical studies continue to show that Unimate™ has the ability to promote a healthy mood and psychological well-being. As one example, in one group of subjects assessed using the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire, theirs increased by 20% after taking Unimate™.

It was determined that the mode of action of this result is likely due to the ability of chlorogenic acids to support healthy mood and cognition—as previously reported elsewhere in the scientific literature.

An additional clinical study demonstrated the ability of Unimate™ to maintain healthy blood-lipid and blood glucose levels in the body. A 12% reduction of total cholesterol, 5% reduction of LDL cholesterol, and 11% reduction of triglycerides was observed in a group of subjects who took Unimate™ once daily for 30 days.

Additionally, a 5% reduction in fasting blood-glucose and a 3% reduction in HbA1c levels was also observed in this same group.

Other clinical studies have validated the ability of Unimate™ to support healthy weight loss in the body due to the ability of Yerba Mate triterpenoid saponins to support healthy gene expression of anti-obesity related genes.

Still need more science and specifics on Unimate™? Watch this video:

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