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Unimate Fuel (Salted Caramel & Coconut Oil) Yerba Mate Drink

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A vibrant graphic featuring 'UNIMATE FUEL' in large letters with 'yerba mate' beneath. To the right, there is an image of a packet of UNIMATE FUEL in Salted Caramel flavor, alongside a split coconut and caramel candies with a salt sprinkle, all set against a bold red background.

Sometimes you need something sweet – for a good start to the day or as a snack. This is the moment for Unimate Fuel with coconut oil and yerba mate!

Unimate Fuel has an unbelievably delicious salted caramel flavor, provides energy and puts you in a good mood. And best of all: Unimate Fuel doesn’t cause blood glucose levels to spike – perfect for those who rely on intermittent fasting, because you can enjoy Unimate Fuel between meals too!

Energy Source for the Body

Work, stress and a busy schedule – it is not always easy to stick to a healthy diet with fasting periods. Before you resort to chocolate or unhealthy snacks, go for Unimate Fuel with coconut oil and yerba mate! Instead of unhealthy sugar, your body receives many valuable nutrients for body and soul, which will keep you fit much longer.

Unimate Fuel combines a potent yerba mate extract with MCT-rich fats from coconut oil to provide an energy boost for both body and mind. With chlorogenic acids from yerba mate, Unimate Fuel is a great way to start your day or fend off cravings and re-energize between meals.

Benefits of Unimate Fuel

  • Contains chlorogenic acids from Yerba Mate
  • Promotes a feeling of fullness or satiety
  • Supports overall metabolic health
  • Appropriate for a low-carbohydrate diet
  • Supports compliance with intermittent fasting or 4-4-12 eating pattern
  • Unimate Fuel has been verified to contain no doping-relevant substances and has been included in Informed Choice.
  • Keto-friendly, Gluten-free, No added sugar 

 Recommenced Use

  • Mix a sachet of Unimate Fuel with 300-350 ml of hot or cold water.
  • Drink once or twice per day to stay fit and support the feeling of satiety. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Unimate Fuel

1. What is the difference between Unimate Lemon and Unimate Fuel?

Both Unimate Yerba Mate and Unimate Fuel contain high-quality, concentrated Yerba Mate for a healthy, sustained energy boost. In addition, Unimate Fuel has been formulated with coconut oil with a high content of easily digestible, medium-chain fatty acids which helps to curb cravings and aids in satiety.

2. Unimate Fuel contains fat, why can I use it between meals without breaking fast?

Unimate Fuel is a sweet treat without added sugar that does not cause glucose and insulin spikes in the body. Low glucose and insulin levels help keeping you in the fat burning zone, a state where your body burns fat rather than carbohydrates for fuel.

3. Is Unimate Fuel part of the Feel Great System?

The Feel Great System is a revolutionary program for more metabolic flexibility. With the help of a few simple nutrition guidelines and the groundbreaking Unicity products, the Feel Great System helps you to train your body to use both carbohydrates and fat for energy. This metabolic flexibility not only helps you stay slim and in shape, but has countless long and short-term health benefits. 

You can use the Unimate Fuel alongside the Balance fiber matrix as part of your own Feel Great System, or keep Unimate Fuel as a healthy snack between meals. 

4. What kind of sweetener is used in Unimate Fuel?

Unimate Fuel is sweetened with stevia.

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