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Unimate Fuel: The Salted Caramel Yerba Mate Drink

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Unimate Fuel is a salted caramel flavored potent yerba mate (yehr-bah mah-teh) extract with MCT-rich fats from coconut oil to provide an energy boost for both body and mind.

Unimate Fuel is powerful yerba mate supplement providing an energy boost for both body and the mind. This drink supports the body’s natural fat-burning ability. Unimate Fuel promotes improved mood, supports healthy brain function, and elevates feelings of wellbeing. 

With chlorogenic acids from yerba mate, Unimate Fuel is a great way to start your day or fend off cravings and re-energize between meals. 

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The Science of Unicity's Unimate Yerba Mate Drinks

Unicity first launched the Unimate in 2017 after many years of research and patenting the uniquely powerful five-step process: handpicking, fire roasting, active biological molecule extraction, yerba mate concentration, and purification. The result is a yerba mate beverage that is unlike any other commercially available yerba mate drinks.

It was a few years later that Unicity released the Salted Caramel version, a unique yerba mate extract with MCT-rich fats from coconut oil to provide an energy boost for both body and mind. 

Unimate Yerba Mate: A Scientific Breakthrough Recognized in the PDR

Unicity's commitment to innovation and scientific research has led to a remarkable achievement in the world of health and wellness. Unimate, a unique Yerba Mate extract, has not only revolutionized the traditional use of this ancient herb but has also earned a prestigious place in the Prescribers' Desk Reference (PDR).

Unlike any other Yerba Mate product, Unimate is backed by extensive clinical studies and research. Its ultra-concentrated extract, containing up to 375 times more chlorogenic acids, has been proven to have significant effects on blood glucose, lipids, and blood pressure. These findings are a testament to Unimate's potential in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

The acceptance of both versions of Unimate into the PDR marks a significant milestone. It's the only Yerba Mate that is backed by science, reflecting Unicity's dedication to bringing leading-edge science to the age-old tradition of Yerba Mate. This recognition, based on clinical research, should bring encouragement and confidence to Unicity's mission in supporting a healthy lifestyle as part of the Feel Great System.

The inclusion of Unimate in the PDR not only enhances its credibility but also resonates with those seeking evidence-based solutions for their health and well-being. It's a symbol of what's possible when passion meets purpose, and it continues to inspire individuals to take control of their health and well-being through the Feel Great System.

In a world where health and wellness are paramount, Unimate Yerba Mate stands as a beacon of quality, effectiveness, and scientific backing. It's more than a product; it's a movement inspired by a vision and brought to life through relentless commitment and innovation.

How To Drink Unimate Fuel

Mix one sachet Unimate Fuel with 10-12 oz. (300-350 ml) of hot or cold water. Use once or twice per day to support energy levels and aid in satiety. You can also mix with a protein shake as a base.  

image showing how to Mix one sachet Unimate Fuel with 10-12 oz. (300-350 ml) of hot or cold water.

Unimate Fuel: A Unique Blend of Yerba Mate and MCT-Rich Ingredients

Unicity's Unimate Fuel is more than just a Yerba Mate drink. It's a science-based fusion of potent Yerba Mate Extract and MCT-rich fats from coconut oil, designed to provide an energy boost for both body and mind. This unique combination sets Unimate Fuel apart from other Yerba Mate products, offering a range of health benefits that go beyond ordinary.

The Yerba Mate in Unimate Fuel follows a uniquely powerful five-step patented process. It begins with handpicking and fire-roasting, followed by the extraction of active biological molecules, concentration, and purification. This meticulous process ensures that Unimate Fuel contains up to 375 times more chlorogenic acids, known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity effects.

But what truly makes Unimate Fuel stand out is its combination of ingredients. Along with the proprietary Yerba Mate extract, it includes MCT-rich fats from coconut oil. These medium-chain triglycerides are known for their ability to provide quick energy, support weight loss, and enhance brain function. Together with Yerba Mate, they create a synergistic effect that amplifies the benefits of both components.

Unimate Fuel is not just a drink; it's a lifestyle choice for those seeking to enhance their overall well-being. Whether you're looking to boost your energy levels, improve mental clarity, or support a healthy weight, Unimate Fuel offers a natural and effective solution.

The recognition of Unimate Fuel's unique composition and its inclusion in the Feel Great System is a testament to Unicity's commitment to quality, innovation, and the pursuit of a healthier, more fulfilling life. It's a product that resonates with those who value science-backed solutions and are ready to take control of their health and well-being. image of the Unimate Yerba Mate Salted Caramel nutrition facts label

Unimate Fuel contains naturally occurring:

  • Chlorogenic acids – Chlorogenic acids are a family of polyphenol compounds found in plants like yerba mate, green coffee beans, and tea. They have important biological effects in the body, supporting normal healthy brain function and promoting improved mood.
  • Mate saponins - Mate saponins are a class of molecules that are specific to the yerba mate plant. Mate saponins support metabolic flexibility.
  • Theobromine - Theobromine is a molecule that is similar in structure to caffeine. It is perhaps best known as the mood-boosting molecule found in high-quality chocolate. Theobromine promotes feelings of calm, improves focus and reduces mental fatigue.
  • Coconut creamer – Lauric acid, the main fatty acid found in coconut oil, is known to help support healthy cholesterol levels and to have antioxidant properties. Coconut oil also contains MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) known to be quickly digested and converted to energy.

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