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Overcoming Health Challenges Takes Consistency and Faith - Real Stories

blood glucose diabetes type 2 feel great reviews weight loss Mar 08, 2022
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When asked if I would like to share my story, my initial response was “I’ve been so inconsistent lately, I’m not sure now would be a good time to share….” Darlene reminded me, “inconsistent” is indeed part of my story and journey. So, here I go - Thanks Darlene!!

I’m Shanda Lee Cormier and my journey with Unicity first began back in August of 2013. I was sitting at at a clinic and I noticed a Flyer promoting a product called Bios Life Slim fiber matrix (now branded as Unicity Balance); Bios Life Slim was promoted more as a weight loss product back in those days.
I was really just beginning my journey into natural health products and this seemed to fit the bill. I decided to start taking it and I also jumped right into the Unicity business, which went really well for me.
As I began to grow my business and learn more about the benefits of the product, I got my husband started. Wow, his success was unbelievable. He’s a type 2 diabetic; within the first week he was noticing improvements. Within a few months, he was able to come off all diabetic medicine. He was ecstatic!!
Then life happened, he became overconfident that he had beat the disease and slowly went back to his old ways. Soon we decided it was just too expensive, and we both stopped all together and I stepped away from the business. If only I knew then what I know now!!
New Year’s Eve day of 2017, my husband fell and broke his hip. They could not operate; it had to heal on its own. For the months ahead he could put zero weight on his right foot; he was  pretty much confined to a wheelchair.
Following his first check-up, things were not improving and he was getting pretty depressed. I remember Doug talking about a "magic formula" he used when he had broken his wrist a few years back, so I reached out to him to find out what it was and to order some in. One thing led to another and I ended up joining his health challenge. So thankful I did!!
By this point in time, we were both pretty down and I was exhausted and going to bed by 8:30pm and still struggling to get up in the morning. Roger’s type 2 diabetes was really bad and they were constantly increasing/changing his medications to come up with a mix that would work. Soon that all began to change.
I’m now able to stay up later and am awake before my alarm goes off and feeling energized and ready for my day! I then became a better support system for my husband; he too started back on the Complete protein and Balance. He started healing quicker and his blood sugar started to come down again. His last reports showed his kidney function (he lost one kidney due to cancer) was the best it has been in years and they are now reducing his diabetic medication. YEAH!! Unicity….we are here to stay!
By the start of my second health challenge with Doug, I decided to get back into the business again. Assisting others on their journey to a new Healthy Lifestyle is so rewarding; the positive changes it has brought to my life, I want for everyone to experience. Life is too short not to be the best we can be!!
“Knowledge brings Success”! I look forward to the continued journey of knowledge, accountability and success that will come into my life, and those that I love as I continue on my journey with all of you here in this VIP Group. Again, thank you Doug for introducing me to Unicity and all the support you and Darlene have provided me over the years!!
This story was originally posted in the VIP Feel Great Experience private group, February 5, 2019 by Shanda Cormier. 
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