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Leptin Resistance & Unicity Balance: The Solution for Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

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Recent data reveals that only 12% of the population meet the criteria for metabolic health. That means nearly nine out of 10 individuals are metabolically unhealthy, or inflexible. What about you? What’s the state of your metabolic health?

Do you have concerns about...

  • Achieving and maintaining your ideal weight?
  • Stubborn fat around your midsection that won’t budge?
  • Rising blood sugar levels?
  • Feeling tired or experiencing energy slumps and crashes?
  • Cravings for carbs and sweets?
  • Occasional gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort?
  • Increased blood lipid levels and your heart?
  • More frequent daytime or nighttime bathroom urges?
  • Mood swings or cognitive issues?
  • Hormonal imbalances?

While any one of these signs by itself may be concerning, if you have three or more, you likely are metabolically unhealthy.

Even if you are not overweight, you can still be metabolically inflexible with elevated blood lipid and glucose levels. It’s estimated that 40% of normal weight individuals and 80% of obese individuals – are metabolically unfit.

A hallmark sign of metabolic inflexibility is the appearance of visceral fat, or as it’s commonly called – belly fat.

This visceral fat wraps around your internal organs and deposits itself deep down in the spaces of your abdominal cavity. These fat cells in your abdomen are different from other fat cells in your body – they are biologically active and produce their own hormones and other substances as if they were their own organ.

Hunger and Satiety (the sense of feeling full)

In order for you to significantly gain weight, you must first become leptin resistant. Leptin is a hormone that helps you regulate your appetite. When your leptin levels rise, it signals your body that you're full, so you'll stop eating. Excess insulin in your body can affect your other hormones, including Leptin and Ghrelin.

Leptin is the communication link between your fat cells and your brain. When working properly, the brain stops craving food when it senses adequate Leptin in the body. However, as you become increasingly resistant to the effects of leptin, you end up eating more. The question then is: what drives this basic process? 

Why do you become leptin resistant in the first place?

According to Dr. Benjamin Bickman as her explained in his book “Why We Get Stick” he wrote that:

Most obese people have elevated Lipton levels, not reduced. However, leptin is no longer as effective in obese people as it once was at regulating appetite and metabolic processes. One key process is leptin's inhibition of insulin; leptin is supposed to prevent insulin's secretion, which will help keep a person thin. However, with too much left and for too long, the body becomes left in resistance, and leptin is progressively less able to prevent insulin secretion, all of which leads to fat gain.

Unfortunately, this is a vicious cycle. Leptin resistant stems from chronically elevated levels of Leptin, what increases the leptin in the 1st place? Insulin, of course; insulin naturally stimulates Leptin production from the fact tissue, so too much insulin leads to too much Leptin.

The solution to Leptin Resistance

Unicity Balance reduces leptin resistance in your body by breaking this cycle by moderating blood glucose levels which in turn moderate insulin levels. By taking Unicity Balance regularly and lowering the level of insulin in your body, the leptin signaling between the fat cells and the brain is reestablished. This will reduce cravings and appetite leading to support natural fat loss, healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Unicity Balance (originally called Bios Life Diet) was first developed by scientists at the University of Santa Barbara in 1986 while conducting research using natural fibers to manage serum cholesterol. Bios Life provided a unique way to support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The product was originally owned and marketed by Rexall Drugs.

For more than 35 years later, Unicity Balance has been extensively studied, peer-reviewed and published in the medical journals. It continues to be the most recommended natural health supplement by doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide. Balance has continually been improved upon, each generation producing better results than the last.

What makes Unicity Balance unique is its ability to lower up in resistance. This is not found in any other product. William R. Work MD, ABFP, ABAARM - Family Medicine/Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

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