Beyond Feel Great

Exclusive Reader Resource Page

by Doug Collins


Beyond Feel Great©

Exclusive Reader Resource Page

by Doug Collins

Health Principles That Will Change Your Life Forever!

Thank you for reading Beyond Feel Great and visiting this resource page. I sincerely hope that you found the book informative and helpful.

Below, you will find the various resources that were referenced throughout the book.

If you have any questions or would like to share feedback or a story, please feel free to reach out to me using the contact information provided at the bottom of this page.

Footnote References

Throughout the book is an extensive list of footnote references that support the principles provided in the text. Download the complete list of references below.

Download the References (PDF)

Fiber Matrix Drink

This benefit of soluble and insoluble fibers along with vitamins and minerals is an excellent way to lowering the glycemic impact of the carbohydrates in your meal. Learn more about the fiber matrix drink and how it can help you improve your health.

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Yerba Mate Drink

Yerba mate is an excellent source of naturally occurring caffeine and other health-promoting compounds, making it a convenient and effective way to boost energy levels and improve mental clarity throughout the day. Learn more about the benefits and science behind this ultra-concentrated yerba mate drink. 

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Glycemic Index Guide

This Food Guide breaks down the most common foods into three convenient categories: 

  1. Foods to Enjoy (Low Glycemic)
  2. Foods in Moderation (Medium Glycemic)
  3. Foods to Avoid (High Glycemic) 
Download the Food Guide (PDF)

Metabolic Flexibility

Metabolic flexibility is a vital aspect of our overall health. Learn more about metabolic flexibility and how it can improve your results. 

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Protein Shake Powders

Protein shakes can be a convenient way to supplement daily protein intake and make it easier to reach protein goals, however there are many varieties and qualities. This link will provide guidelines and recommendations on choosing protein shake powders.

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Omega-3 Fish Oil

If you're looking for the health benefits and a effective way to supplement your healthy fat intake, consider high-quality, concentrated, purified fish-oil supplement consider this recommend Omega-3. 

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Digestive Enzymes

Incorporate a high-quality potent enzyme supplement into your daily routine and enjoy the benefits of improved digestion and overall wellness.

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Probiotic Supplements

Incorporate probiotic supplements into your daily routine to improve your overall well-being, maintain optimal gut health, and boost the immune system.

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60 Day Health Study

The study showed that participants who followed the "Feel Great" program for 60 days made a significant positive impact on their health.

Download the Health Study (PDF)

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