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The Feel Great System: Hack Your Metabolic Flexibility

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Metabolic flexibility means your body uses whatever fuel is available – dietary fat, stored fat, or glucose (sugar), or glycogen (sugar stores). This state is the best state for long-term health rather than being adapted to a single fuel source for the body.

It is estimated that approximately 15% (only fifteen percent) of the population is metabolically flexible. If you need to eat every few hours to keep from getting hungry, grumpy, and distracted, this is you!

Today, there's a lot of things that disrupt metabolic flexibility, including a modern diet and metabolic disorders like insulin resistance or diabetes

The Standard American diet emphasizes eating carbs and eating frequently — at minimum, three meals a day plus snacks to carry you in between. Eating this way accustoms your body to looking for carbs for energy. When carbs go missing, your body clamors for them, and you end up with weakness, cravings and distraction until you can refuel.

When you’re metabolically flexible, you almost never get cravings or feel hangry. Metabolically flexible people tend to maintain a healthy weight without trying too hard, because your body doesn’t have to keep your food-seeking mechanisms constantly “on”, and you don’t store extra fat to prepare for a constant need for energy.

The Feel Great System - Metabolic Flexibility Hack

The principles of the Feel Great System will help you move to Metabolic Flexibility most comfortably, and ease you into a new Dietary Practice to help insure your best health.

The Feel Great System's goal is to help you "hack" your metabolism using two science-based nutrition products, so that you're able to have "metabolic flexibility" - meaning your body can efficiently shift between using carbs and fats as fuel—which is a result of time-restricted eating like intermittent fasting,

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The Feel Great System

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