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Insulin Resistance: Most Undiagnosed Conditions in the World

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Insulin resistance, is one of the most prevalent undiagnosed conditions in the world. We continuously talk about Glucose, but not enough about the purpose of Insulin and what happens when things go wrong.

Insulin is historically considered in the context of glucose, if blood glucose is normal, insulin is assumed normal. However, with insulin resistance, insulin levels are higher than expected relative to the glucose levels.

Dr. Ben Bikman points out in his book Insulin Resistance, "glucose is the typical blood marker we use to diagnose and monitor diabetes, but we should really be paying attention to insulin levels first". "While diabetes Types 1 and 2 share the symptom of excess glucose, they diverge completely when it comes to insulin. Whereas Type 1 diabetes is caused by having too little insulin (or none), Type 2 is caused by having too much insulin."

Type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance that has progressed to the point where the body is unable to keep blood glucose levels below the clinically relevant 126 mg/dL, it is a condition called Hyperinsulinemia, which in itself is the indicator that leads to many life-threatening conditions.

Insulin Resistance is a shockingly common condition directly influenced by our modern day diets and lifestyles, with as much as 88% of Americans, potentially suffering it to some degree. It’s perhaps the most common health disorder in the North America and is, to varying degrees, associated with nearly all chronic conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, infertility, and Alzheimer’s disease.

The Modern Day Diet with way too many refined and processed carbohydrates, begins the path to Excess Insulin in our bodies . When you combine poor diets with more sedentary lifestyles, stress from toxic workplaces and environments this create the perfect 'storm' in the body beginning the cycle of Inflammation, Stress and Stress Hormones constantly cycling in our bodies, can all be direct causes of insulin resistance.

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  4. Find some kind of activity that qualifies as 'exercise' to do for at least 20 minutes a day. Walk, Yoga, Stretching, Dancing....just start to move beyond your regular activity each day!
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