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More Energy! Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels! Weight Loss!

Even If Everything Else You Tried Before Has Failed!

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Simple To Use Science-Based Results!

Our clients are so happy with their FEEL GREAT SYSTEM experience it's become a viral movement as seen on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

Finally lose the weight and fat you deserve to lose

Feel like “the old you” again with boundless energy, youthful vigor and vitality!

Regain your self esteem and self-control in every situation

Toss your “fat clothes” to the curb and pull out that summer outfit you’ve been dying to wear!

Set yourself up for a lifetime of health and vitality

Stop Your Sugar Cravings, Compulsive eating, and Crashes once and for all.

Mental Clarity - Focus - Energy - Stamina - Supports Digestion - Improved Sleep - Healthier Metabolism  - Burn Fat - Supports Healthy Glucose Levels - Better Skin - Promotes Healthy Cholesterol Levels -  Promotes Ketones 

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At Some Point We Need Ask Ourselves The REAL QUESTION...

Is Our Health Ever Going to Get Better?

When you think back over the last few years does it feel like it's been sneaking up on you gradually... 

  • Feeling physically and mentally exhausted 

  • Inability to concentrate, get motivated or focused

  • Keep putting on weight and it's getting harder to lose

  • Struggling with physical activities that were once easy 

  • Constantly snacking, feeling like crap and bloated

  • Aches and pains you never had before 

I have a question for you...

What's the difference between…

...feeling as if you are recapturing your youth and have a sense of fulfillment because:

  • you are looking and feeling youthful, vibrant and are full of energy
  • doing the things you enjoy that gives you freedom, motivation, and a sense of purpose
  • and still have enough energy left over at the end of the day that others will ask, "what have you been taking?"...
  • feeling like you are living life to the fullest and you can achieve your biggest goals and dreams.

...or you are waking up every day struggling because you feel:

  • stressed, exhausted, and can't stay focused
  • feeling as if your best years are now behind you, and there's nothing to look forward to in the future...except just more of the same!
  • waking up every day with aches and pains, struggling to get out of bed, looking in the mirror wondering how that person got to this state...

What will make tomorrow feel any different than today?

I get it, I asked myself that exact same question more than a decade ago, at a time when I was exhausted and stressed, my knees constantly ached, had regular sciatic nerve pain and was 100 lbs over weight. What if reading on and then saying YES could actually be a best decision that will change your life, like it was for me? - Doug Collins

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Have You Ever Purchased Something Through A Website Where Later You Felt Like They Just Took Your Money? They Made Big Promises? No Personalized Support? No Follow-up? Then Later You Felt Feeling Like You Did Not Matter?

Yes, You Do Matter!

My Motto Is To Personally Serve You by Understanding Your Health Goals, Supporting You, and Assisting You To Achieve That Goal As Best I Can.

Nobody Gets Left Behind!

Increase Mental Clarity & Memory


Healthy Weight Loss


Boost Your Energy & Stamina


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It's time for a fresh start. It's time to feel better than you've felt in years. It's time to Feel Great Again.

It's simple! Just two products as one pack. Here's how to get started!

Order Your Unicity Feel Great System Today!

Wholesale Price + Free Shipping!

Enjoy The Risk Free Experience!

Take It Consistently for 30 Days!

Feel Great, Look Great & Live Great!

Get Exclusive VIP Benefits!
INSTRUCTIONS: Here's the simplicity of using the Feel Great System. Enjoy the UNIMATE™ drink first thing in the morning. It can be drank either Hot like a tea or cold. After the UNIMATE™, wait for the hunger. Don't eat 'just because’. Have a BALANCE™ before your first meal of the day and again with your evening meal. Before you let any food of any kind cross your lips take the BALANCE™.
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After you place your order I will reach out to invite you to our private Facebook community, where you can join hundreds of other Feel Great Members. Inside the group you can access daily support and meet others just like you who are experiencing the Feel Great System!
* Not in US & Canada? Click the "Let's Chat" button to inquire about your country. We ship to over 60 countries globally! 
Here's What You Get With The Feel Great System: 
The Feel Great System is a 30-Days supply of two science based food-based products shipped direct from Unicity International at the lowest wholesale price with free shipping.
The first product is called UNIMATE. It's a great tasting lemon drink made from a South American plant called Yerba Mate. When you drink it in the morning you will experience a boost in mental focus. It's often called 'liquid willpower'. It also helps to suppress hunger through the day and that helps the body utilize its fat storage for fuel longer. 
The other product in the Feel Great System is called BALANCE. This is a soluble fiber blend that helps absorb glucose, lowers insulin sensitivity and controls cholesterol. You would drink this this before your two main meals. 
Enjoying these both will help to increase energy, control hunger, blood sugar spikes and food cravings. I'm here to support you on this journey! I'm committed to seeing you get RESULTS! No hidden fees, gimmicks, pills, wraps or drastic dieting. You'll still eat real food!

Here’s Exactly What You Get With The FEEL GREAT SYSTEM

FIRST, 30-Days supply of two science-based food supplements that have been  recommended by physicians based on studies published in prestigious medical journals and the Prescribers Digital Reference (PDR).

    30 servings of this great tasting lemon drink made from a South American plant called Yerba Mate. UNIMATE™ has a potency like no other yerba mate on the market due to its unique preparation and processing giving it higher natural concentrated compounds that increase mental clarity, appetite control, increased ketone production for fat loss, endurance, mental clarity and mood. When you drink it in the morning you will feel the boost. It's often called 'liquid willpower'.

    60 servings of this great tasting orange drink. This is a soluble fiber blend you drink before your meals to help absorb glucose, lowers insulin sensitivity and promotes healthy cholesterol levels. With thirty years of research and success, BALANCE™ has become the favorite “go-to” supplement for physicians looking for a natural approach.

BALANCE™ and UNIMATE™ work synergistically to accelerate your results. Enjoying these both daily will help to increase energy, control hunger, blood sugar spikes and food cravings.


VIP ONLY ACCESS to Private Community Support, Personalized Coaching and Online Resources!

*These EXCLUSIVE BONUSES are only offered by Doug Collins for those who buy on this website! You will receive the private access link shortly after placing your order!

    Join hundreds of other Feel Great Members in a private community with daily education and support. The community is dedicated to support and empower each other in a safe caring environment.

    In addition to our group support, we know that questions will come up that you would prefer to speak to a real person for personalized support. This is why we are committed to support you with unlimited free complimentary personal one-on-one coaching. You will have direct access to a dedicated coach to ask questions and get advice exactly when you need it. You can be rest assured that our decades of experience with the FEEL GREAT products combined with our personalized supportive approach, we will be there for you as you achieve your health goals.

    A responsible program always provides sensible and easy to follow guidelines. Included with your Feel Great System purchase you will receive our exclusive science-based guidebooks, resources, and tools that are customized to support you in achieving healthy glucose levels, weight loss, food choices, lifestyle and MORE!

Forget those elimination and starvation diets, using willpower or counting calories! You'll still eat real food! We are confident you will love the FEEL GREAT SYSTEM results and the personalized support!

Click the Buy Now Button! Get Started! 

This is a one-time purchase (no monthly commitment). Feel the difference in the first 30 Days Guaranteed
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Just Imagine what your future will look like if things just keep going just the way they have been going?


Over the next year, there are 3 basic paths we can follow:

Things can get worse. Much Worse
Things can stay about the same. Surviving...
Things can get better. Way Better...

Have a look at this “3 Possible Futures” diagram created by Simon Bowen, Founder of the Models Method:

Even if you decide to put in more effort than you ever have to improve your health, if you follow the same strategies as before, their is a high likelihood that you'll work really really hard to get the same results you have always got. Most likely, this effort just won't be sustainable. And you know that doing nothing and ignoring how you are feeling today is also not an option.

There is an easier option, and it's called the FEEL GREAT SYSTEM! It's science-based and guaranteed to give you REAL RESULTS!

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We’ve been trusted by some of the greatest & brightest because we get results!

But don’t just take my word for's a few Feel Great System Reviews


Imagine What Your Experience Will Be?

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P.S. In case you're one of those people (like I use to be) who read all the way to the end of the page looking to see what else there is... below you'll find everything you need and MORE (even the science)!  

There's no catch here... no gimmicks or hidden fees! You will be getting a 30 day supply of UNIMATE and BALANCE with a 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Plus, you will receive the Exclusive VIP Only Access bonuses. Take it for 30-days, and if you don’t love it as much as we know you will, just let us know! 

I trust you now have everything you need to get started! So, click the BUY NOW button above and let's get you started on your journey!  If you are outside of the US and Canada reach out to me and I will respond with availability, as we currently service 60 countries globally. 

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