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"I'm passionate and fully committed to supporting you to make a difference in your life! I won't sell to you. I won't beg you. But if you trust me, I will change your life!" - Doug Collins

Doug Collins - A Veteran Online Marketer, Certified Health Coach, Author and Self-Confessed Home Business Tax Geek. Inspiring those that want to Make Life Better!

Doug Collins - A Veteran Online Marketer, Certified Health Coach, Author and Self-Confessed Home Business Tax Geek. Inspiring those that want to Make Life Better!

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About Doug

In his early 20’s, Doug began to feel this innate desire to be self-employed working for himself. But it was not until 1998 when he took it seriously and started his first home-based business. With humble beginnings, Doug quickly built an international online business from home.
Decades later, in 2010, Doug discovered that his corporate executive position was going to be terminated because of a North American reorganization and merger. That’s when he took the leap and walked away from a 22-year corporate career to follow his long-held dream of being self-employed working from home.
While building his home-based business since then, Doug became even more focused on all those tax strategies that would allow him the opportunity to further reduce his income tax burden as his income grew.
During this time, it became more apparent to Doug how great the need was for others like him to understand all these home-based tax write-offs. In 2019, Doug created an online course and coaching system to teach those in home business and he helped others also save thousands in annual tax savings almost everyone is missing. 
Fast forward to March 2020, the COVID pandemic hit full swing with lockdowns, and society was being tossed the biggest challenge of anyone’s lifetime. Doug used this time to write and self-publish a book as a guide to further help others learn how to Write-Off Almost Anything in their home-based business.
Today, Doug continues to follow his passion as an accomplished home-based entrepreneur, self-published best selling author, certified health coach and tax write-off strategist with a growing private community. 

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