Are You Fed Up, Frustrated and Under Appreciated?

Feeling trapped at your 9 to 5 for too long?

Tried other home businesses before that didn't work out?


The Home-Based Business

Designed for the 21st Century!

So You DON'T Have To Pitch Everyone You Know, Spam Social Media and Get Frustrated With The Lack Of Interest!

It's time you leverage a proven lead generation system and make your home-based business an actual life-long asset...

The FEEL GREAT SYSTEM has taken 20+ years to develop and it's guided by a legacy company with a 100 year history, allowing every day people to live the life of their dreams.

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"An invitation

to those who want to truly succeed in 

21st Century Wellness Revolution!”

Just imagine....

Having customers who actually love your products because they experience the benefits and they reorder every single month (for decades to come...). Even if you want to earn just a few hundred dollars each month part-time, then this is the most important opportunity you’ll see all year!

Here's why....

The traditional Direct Sales (MLM, network marketing, affiliate marketing) industry IS BROKEN and isn't set up to train and educate those inside of it to find massive success. Most organizations do not have the culture or systems to provide the personalized coaching, support and mentorship needed for success!

I have created a proven system that I have been secretly using, and I am proving it works with just a fraction of the effort and energy traditional direct sales tactics will require of you!

This System Will Allow You To...

  • Keep your friends and family members and NEVER icky about your products and business!
  • Automate your lead generation and customer onboarding with our system
  • Get paid weekly with our generous compensation while helping your dream customers experience the product at the best wholesale discounted price with free shipping!
  • Stop carrying inventory in your home and tying up your credit card!
  • Stop sitting at trade shows and craft fairs all weekend peddling your products along side everyone else! (I spent years doing that...ugh never again!)
  • Build a successful home-based business (not just a 'side hobby')!

Here's How And Why I Can Make You This Promise...

My name is Doug Collins and I'm the creator of Feel Great Business Builders System

I was a Marketing and Supply Chain Executive in Corporate America for 22 years before launching into my home-based business full-time in late 2010. Since then, I have learned that leveraging online marketing and scaling through systems has it's advantages as an entrepreneur.

In my home business, no one has tried building out an automated system to have customers join YOUR organization without you having to harass them and ruin friendships. All of this can be done with a single, powerful strategy that I'm willing to share with you, FOR FREE! (yup)

"Doug, WHY are you doing this?"

Frankly, first, no one has yet. I thought it'd be fun. Second, I LOVE the FEEL GREAT SYSTEM products that are making such an impact to peoples lives. Third, I'm looking for a few more key people to work with to help them achieve their goals and financial dreams.

No one else in my world is using this tactic right now and it's bringing in 3-4 pre-qualified leads and real-time customer orders into my team DAILY!

But I'm not just looking for anyone to work with. When I think of an ideal business partner to team up with here's who I am looking for:

  • They can afford and see value in the Feel Great System products
  • They are committed to personally using the products themselves and  experience results in their own life
  • They are coachable, open to new business concepts
  • Personable, authentic, enthusiastic, focus driven, efficient and reliable
  • They will do this and breakthrough their own challenges because they are embracing a new life opportunity
  • They are open to personal growth and self-accountability
  • They are able to make a commitment and see it through
  • They have become frustrated with the status quo and have a strong desire to change their financial security for the future.

If any of this sounds like you...

Then stop wasting time chasing people and blinding posting on social media thinking your connections will magically want to be in your business or have an interest in your product.

Join a team that is attracting  people who are already interested, knocking at your door with credit card ready, begging for your products to change their lives. 

You could be enrolling amazing ideal customers into your home business right now!

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip Of The Iceberg Of What You’ll Receive...

  • Learn to be part of an automated system to bring amazing customers into your business!
  •  You don't have to waste one more second on tactics that are already outdated practices. Learn what’s working in other industries that you can use to crush it in our world!
  • Get paid a lucrative 25% commission on monthly recurring customer orders, without putting a single cent of your own money into inventory, shipping, payment processing or advertising!
  • Learn how pull people into your sphere with minimal, duplicated effort on your part.
  • You'll never have to feel directionless and hopeless in your home-based business again with my step-by-step training.
  • Use the secret tips and strategies I use in my own business that help potential customers convince themselves to re-order our products and stay on them for life.
  • Join a team of elite Feel Great System marketers that I have brought together.

  • Reclaim your freedom, improve your health and enjoy the benefits of being part of the home-based business revolution.

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So Here's The Bottom Line With The

Feel Great Business Builders System...

The FEEL GREAT SYSTEM has taken 20+ years to develop and it's guided by a legacy company with a 100 year history, allowing every day people to live the life of their dreams.

You get personalized coaching and support that walks you step-by-step through building your own business income generating asset.


We'll provide you with fresh leads and train you in creating your offer so you can also attract your own idea lifelong customers, and we’ll support your customers so they get success (and reorder monthly).


You'll get access to a Member's Area and community of dedicated members of the Feel Great System just like you for support and information.

"Wait, one more thing...

Let Me Sweeten The Pot Even More

With These Exclusive Bonuses...

BONUS #1 - Home Business Tax Secrets Course & Productivity System

You'll be granted full VIP Access to my online course and productivity system that includes personalized one-on-one coaching. This is the same system I have used to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in income tax and have trained hundreds of home-based business owners to save an average of $3,000 to $10,000 per year on their taxes. I'll change your tax paying future forever! This Bonus #1 includes:

  • Personalized Private One-on-One Coaching Support Tailored to Your Exact Situation and Needs
  • Comprehensive Video Lessons
  • Business Excellence Bookkeeping Templates
  • Course Manual
  • Video Transcripts & MP3's
  • Tax Savings Estimator Mobile App Calculator

Click here to learn more!  

$497 Value FREE

BONUS #2 - Personalized Mentorship Coaching

In addition to my personal one-on-one coaching on Tax Savings from Bonus #1, you will also join my inner circle of business developers, will receive personalized success support with me and my business partners. I have been working with the FEEL GREAT SYSTEM products since 2008 and my business partners, who are recognized as global field leaders have each been with the company for 30 years. Together we support our teams to create an business income asset. Our motto is "nobody gets left behind!".

$2997 Value FREE

BONUS #3 - Business Building Tool

Use this powerful little book to effortlessly open conversations and remove objections. It will easily skeptics into believers. This easy-to-read book is the single best tool you can use to open the door and invite prospects to just take a look. It paints a clear and vivid picture of why a home-based business will align with each person’s desire to pay less income tax – including why EVERYONE should have one!

Retail Price Author Cost

It's All Yours At No Cost To You!

As Long As You Are A Member Of The

Feel Great Business Builders System

All you have to do is JOIN and get started TODAY!


What's The Catch?

There isn't a catch.

1) I just really want to help the FEEL GREAT SYSTEM get even bigger and take over the internet...

2) I also want to help all of my team use modern internet marketing principles to help auto-sell and auto-recruit (like I have been)...

3) I want you to finally have your success in a home-based business that will pay you residuals every month! 😎

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P.S. - Stop wasting time trying other things, following practices and strategies that are outdated and just wrong! Start building a legacy home-based business today that will pay you into the future!