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From the Desk of Doug Collins

May 9, 2022

Hey, thanks for dropping by. 👋

Time for a fresh start!

Now that tax season is over I decided it was time to close down the enrollment and invest some time into making this entire program even better, and more effective for you! I think you'll like what I'm working on.

As an entrepreneur myself, I know home-based tax write-offs, and I know how to simplify taxes so they are not overwhelming, stressful and hard to understand. I have personally worked with thousands to help them find write-off they never thought of. Most of them had been stressing at the thought of filing income taxes and many were needlessly behind years on their taxes... 

...and every single one of them had been overpaying income tax. Even those who hired tax preparers.

Looking back over the last 3 years!

In January 2019, I launched this course and productivity system that included video training series, a workbook, bookkeeping spreadsheets and my personal one-on-one coaching.

For the last three years I supported clients from all over North America in just about every type of home business imaginable. They all had a transformational experience and I received tons of feedback. There's so many amazing stories I was able to document. You can see a sample of them below...👇

In March 2020, the pandemic started and the world went into lockdown. That's when the idea of writing a book was born. Five months later I published it on Amazon and it went on to become a best seller.

So here we are today…

The massive growth in home business over the last two years has made the need for tax write-off help even greater.

My goal is to change your tax paying future forever!

Now I'm taking the experience I had working directly with home business owner over the last years to make some tweaks and enhancements the course training and how I support you with a simple easy to understand implementation. There will be some bonus training videos on specific topics that I have noticed to be of greatest need. I've even gone back through all my notes, client feedback and correspondence with a plan to create an Frequently Asked Questions section. These are real questions I have answered and I think you'll find this a very valuable resource. 

Stay tuned!

Exciting things are coming!

Get notified when it's back online!

So many others just like you have changed their tax paying future forever! Here's what a few of Doug's clients have to say... 

So many others just like you have changed their tax paying future forever! But don't just take my word for it!

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"Doug was always a message or an email away whenever I needed any clarification or support. His course modules certainly helped me clarify the year long a backlog of tracking for the first time tax reporter for my husband's small company".
"I would recommend Doug to anyone who needs extra help and support with their taxes. He really walked me through the whole process and I saved more than $2000 on taxes". - JACKIE LEE (CANADA)
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"Totally impressed. Very easy to understand and to implement. This course was well worth the investment. The way I look at it, I came out the winner. This course was well worth the investment into my business and future.". - RUDY ESCOBAR (USA)
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"Thanks Doug for all your help. Brian I appreciate your patience and willingness to answer our many questions. The course is very well laid out. We like the video format and love the Excel monthly tracking sheets. So excited about the thousands of dollars we saved in taxes this year." - PATRCIA CREIGHTON (CANADA)
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"It's about time there's a course that helps people claim every right off they are entitled to as a home based business. These strategies are golden. This will help everyone find their tax deductions more effectively.". - DARLENE LONG (CANADA)
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"I found it easy to implement my numbers right along with the course. This was very educational for me. I will have better detailed record keeping to be audit proof and learned more about writing off home expenses". - VIRONICA JORDAN (USA)
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"I was never trained on what I could totally claim as expenses before this. It was easy to understand. I found the spreadsheets very helpful. It (tax season) will be much smoother, less stressful process". - DEB MARSH (USA)
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"It (the course) was very clear and well organized. This coming year will be less stressful, much better organization and have a better impact on my return". - ENZO DIGIOVANNI (CANADA)
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