Home Business Tax Write-Offs Made Simple Course!

Learn New Techniques, Save Thousands in Taxes & Change Your Tax Paying Future Forever!

Overpaying Income Tax?

Building A Home Business Is Fun! Thinking About Tax Season - NOT SO FUN! Are You Worried About...

Getting Bad Tax Advice?

Feeling Confused & Unorganized?

Tax Season Stress?

Fear Being Audited?

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Home Business Tax Write-Offs Made Simple!

Are You Struggling with Income Tax as a Home-Based Business?

Building A Home Business Is Fun! Thinking About Tax Season - NOT SO FUN! Are You Worried About...

Overpaying Income Tax?

Getting Bad Tax Advice?

Feeling Confused & Unorganized?

Tax Season Stress?

Fear Being Audited?

Making Sense Of It All Can Be Stressful, Confusing and Time Consuming. But It Doesn't Have To Be That Way!

GET ACCESS >> Change Your Tax Paying Future Forever!

Does The Thought Of Dealing With Your Home Business Taxes Feel Like An Overwhelming Burden? Making Sense Tax Write-Offs Can Be Stressful, Confusing and Time Consuming. But It Doesn't Have To Be That Way!

The Home Business Tax Secrets Course & Productivity System

If you are a home-based business owner who wants to get the knowledge on all the tax write-offs, get organized and stay organized faster and easier than ever before, so you can...

  • remove the stress and anxiety...

  • easily sail through tax season with confidence ... 

  • no last minute mountain of work preparing for tax season (or procrastination)...

  • stop piling those receipts in a folder knowing you have to deal with at tax time...

  • get the right information on what you can and cannot write-off, how to set-up your business and doing everything correctly...

  • save thousands of dollars in taxes annually, claiming things you never knew you could...

...you're in the right place!

Are you committed to having more confidence, to easily get organized and feel empowered when it comes to tax write-offs so that you can focus on growing your home business and have more time (and money) to enjoy your personal life?

Or, are you just interested? Those who are interested come up with excuses why they can't. Then nothing changes and they keep doing what they've always done. But those who are committed will rise above the excuses and stories they tell themselves, and TAKE ACTION!

I know what you are thinking ... I understand as I was there once also. I'm here to help you with the exact same system I created for my own home business over a decade ago. I'm giving everything you need in an easy to consume and implement system. I'll even be here to personally coach you if you choose.

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The Most Simplified Easy To Understand "How-To" Implementation System That Is Proven to Make Your Life EasierSave You Time, and Reduce Your Income Tax by Thousands Annually!  

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Comprehensive Video Lessons

This easy to understand deep dive course consisting of 1-hour watch time with 9 self-paced video lessons covering all areas of your home-based business, answering 90% of the questions you would ever need answers for that will allow you  maximum tax write-offs. Doug will walk you through each step and show you how to implement this in such an easy logical format. Desktop or mobile friendly!
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Business Excellence Bookkeeping Templates

This is the nuts and bolts that pull it all together! You will have the entire record-keeping system that Doug uses. You will discover that these Excel templates are easy to use, will keep your record keeping system organized and audit-proof! Each video lesson will be a look over Doug's shoulder as he takes you into these templates and shows you exactly how to use them. No office accounting software needed. 
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Course Manual, Video Transcripts & MP3's

Follow along each video lesson learning at your own pace along with these extra download materials; including a course manual and text transcripts and MP3 audio recordings of each video lesson.
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Tax Savings Estimator Mobile App Calculator!

Instantly calculate your home-based tax savings using this customized home business tax app.
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Write-Off Almost Anything Book!

Doug will ship you a paperback copy of his book on Home-Based Business Tax Write-Offs. You'll find this a great companion resource with this course program. 
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Private One-On-One Coaching (VIP ONLY)

Doug knows that every home business is unique, everyone learns at different speeds, and that you will have questions as you move forward. The real value here is the knowing Doug is available to work with you and take you the distance, ensuring you get the most tax savings now and forever. Doug has been coaching home business owners for the last decade. He's seen it all and helped others from just about every type of business. Doug looks forward to personally supporting you to shorten your learning curve.
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Signed Copy (VIP ONLY)

Doug wants to personally guide and support you in your journey. For those who choose the coaching, Doug will reach out to you to set up your first meeting to set you off on read to saving success. At that time, be sure to provide Doug your mailing address so he can rush your personalized signed copy of the book to you. 
Any training program must do 3 things. It must provide content, 'the what to do'. It must supply a method, 'how to do it'. And third, it must meet the acid test: that is - GET RESULTS!

TWO OPTIONS: To Change Your Tax Paying Future Forever!

GET ACCESS >> Change Your Tax Paying Future Forever!
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Only $597

What You Get:

  • Personalized Private One-on-One Coaching Support Tailored to Your Exact Situation and Needs
  • Comprehensive Video Lessons
  • Business Excellence Bookkeeping Templates
  • Course Manual
  • Video Transcripts & MP3's
  • Tax Savings Estimator Mobile App Calculator
  • Signed Copy of 'Write-Off Almost Anything' book



Only $197.00

What Your Get:

  • Comprehensive Video Lessons
  • Business Excellence Bookkeeping Templates
  • Course Manual
  • Video Transcripts & MP3's
  • Tax Savings Estimator Mobile App Calculator
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93% of Business Owners Are Overpaying on Their Taxes

Reported by FORBES MAGAZINE, article titled "Entrepreneurs: Stop Overpaying On Taxes"

From the Desk of Doug Collins
March 2021

This Will Change Your Tax Paying Future FOREVER!

Hey friend, I know what you might be thinking...

Why do I need this?

Sure, you could probably just search Google and find answers you need, but the real issue you run into is TIME and knowing what to even search for! For the price of filing a business tax return through through an accountant, I'll give you all the tools and support RIGHT HERE ...in a complete system that you can implement QUICKLY! Let's be honest, the real question is...

Do you really want to waste all that time trying to learn this by yourself? Determining what to even search for, then not even knowning what questions to ask, finding the right ways to keep solid record keeping, and then to know what is right and wrong advice? Is your accountant even helping you right now? Do you even know where else to turn? 

What if you had direct access to me to ask questions and bounce ideas off? What if I could immediately download to you my 20+ years of experience, just hand you everything you need and shortcut this learning curve without all the hassle of trying to figure it out alone? I understand home business, I understand tax write-offs...! I'm in this too, just like you! I'll learn your business and ask you tax savings questions you never even thought of! 

Imagine cutting out all that time and effort, and focusing on precisely what you need to know (and do) that will make this simple, save you thousands in tax dollars annually, and completely bulletproof your record keeping knowing you can stand up and withstand any audit, like I have done.

Best of all I'm here for you! I'll answer your questions and guide you along! You'll have my personal support! I'm excited you're here! Don't hesitate! Make the investment RIGHT NOW! See you in the inside!

~ Doug Collins

Only $397*

* This is a 100% tax write-off!
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Here's What Others Are Saying About Working With Doug:

YES! I'm Ready to SAVE THOUSANDS in Income Tax Annually!

Simple Strategies are Easy To Follow
and Quick To Implement!

Here's just some of what you’ll discover… 
1.  How to find more legitimate home-based deductions. 
2. How to understand all the business deductions you can take. 
3. Speak intelligently with your accountant.  
4. Significantly reduce your chances of being audited.
5. Legally put more money back in your pocket.
6. Become bullet-proof in your record keeping.
YES! I'm Ready to SAVE THOUSANDS in Income Tax Annually!

This program has helped many other Home-Based Business Owners just like you. But don't just take our word for it!  



Filed amendments and received $10,000 in tax refunds. Now saving $3,000 per year! 


First year after filed after using course tax refund arrived for $3,200. 



Healthcare practitioner with little business knowledge. This course guides us.



First time in business and received a $1,727 tax refund following the course.    



Saved over $5,000 in taxes and more organized in her business. 


The newfound excitement about taxes is because she has a system now.

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"Doug was always a message or an email away whenever I needed any clarification or support. His course modules certainly helped me clarify the year long a backlog of tracking for the first time tax reporter for my husband's small company".
"I would recommend Doug to anyone who needs extra help and support with their taxes. He really walked me through the whole process and I saved more than $2000 on taxes". - JACKIE LEE
"Thanks Doug for all your help. Brian I appreciate your patience and willingness to answer our many questions. The course is very well laid out. We like the video format and love the Excel monthly tracking sheets. So excited about the thousands of dollars we saved in taxes this year." - Patricia Creighton
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"It's about time there's a course that helps people claim every right off they are entitled to as a home based business. These strategies are golden. This will help everyone find their tax deductions more effectively.". - DARLENE LONG

Would you prefer a DO IT YOURSELF course?

Perhaps you might prefer the DIY method. Selecting this option you will get the entire course program without the personalized one-on-one coaching! Email support only!

Basic Do It Yourself Course

Only $97 USD

What You Get:

  • 9 self-paced video Lessons 
  • Course Manual, Transcripts and MP3's
  • Business Excellence Templates downloads
  • Tax Savings Estimator
  • Full Access & Updates
Take the Course Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

GET ACCESS >> Change Your Tax Paying Future Forever!
About Doug Collins:
He started his first home-based business in 1998 and began to discover all the ways to legally pay less income tax. While continuing to build his own home-based business it became more apparent how great the need was for others to have access to a clear, understandable guideline for claiming tax write-offs. 
Doug has taken his unique ability to simplify complex ideas from a book into a course that allows any home business owner to follow action steps to allow anyone to save thousands annually.
Inside this home study course and productivity system you’ll learn exactly how confidently capture, record and audit-proof your recording keeping. This is the 'how to' action plan that will shorten the curve and simplify the process. 
Doug also volunteers his time as a CRA registered CVITP Tax Preparer having filed over 600 personal tax returns in his community during  the 2020 tax season. This volunteer work gives Doug a profound perspective on the taxation system and the impact it has on working families, and a deeper understanding why everyone should consider having a home-based business even just for the tax write-off benefits.
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