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The Feel Great System: A Personal Commitment to Invest in My Health | Real Stories

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Doug's transformative journey from being 100 lbs overweight to achieving optimal health and fitness through the Feel Great System, Unicity products, and lifestyle changes.

Throughout my late 20’s and 30’s I had done nothing but bounce around with my weight. While in my early 40’s I found myself settle in around 300 lbs. That was the time of my life when when I was constantly exhausted and stressed, my knees ached, had regular sciatic nerve pain, I was basically 100 lbs over weight heading in the wrong direction with my health. 

In 2008, I was introduced to Unicity Balance, which is now the foundational part of The Feel Great SystemI started taking Balance. Lost 35 lbs pounds and got my bloodwork back to normal. I was feeling great.

People noticed and began to ask what I was doing. I showed them how to order it. The company started sending me “Thank You” checks for the referrals. I loved it! That’s when I started claiming home-based tax write-offs again, which later became the subject of my self-published book

My Parents Did Not Leave Me With Good Health Genetics

Then in 2015, while attended a Unicity conference in Las Vegas, I saw guys a decade older then me who were in much better shape than I had ever been in my Life.

I was sitting there at the conference thinking how I did not have good genetics. My father had a heart attack when he was 52 and passed away of prostate cancer in his mid-60’s. My mother died in her late 60’s of cardio vascular disease. I lost a sister in her early 40’s as a result of childhood brain cancer.

I never had high blood pressure or had been diagnosed as a pre-diabetic. I thought I was in pretty good shape at that point after using Balance for so many years. But I knew somewhere deep inside of me however, it was not a matter of “If” it was a matter of “When” any of my hereditary symptoms may display themselves.

Second Chance For a New Beginning

Listening to the stories and seeing the results at that conference in 2015, I knew I had settled with my health. They had what I wanted.

I Immediately re-enrolled myself again into the Unicity program (which later became The Feel Great System) but this time making a personal commitment to invest in my health.

I was not settling for just average health. I stayed focused fine tuning my nutrition and exercise, and expanding my consumption of some of the other products from Unicity to enhance my results.

Lost a Total of 100 Pounds

The pounds and inches kept slipping away as I continued with my focus and consistency. Using the Unicity products made all the difference. The discipline and consistency I learned has led me to experience the best health of my entire life.

Even my last visit to the family doctor (click here to read that story) confirmed the changes I was experiencing. One of the statements the doctor made was that, "my risk of developing Cardiovascular disease is now at less than 5% and diabetes at 0%".

Through my journey with Unicity I have lost 100 lbs and more than 20% body fat (click here to read more about that story).

Having worked with my mentor and using the Unicity products I would not have been able to achieve these results. These changes have been able to mold and sculpt my Dream of a healthy, lean, fit body, and today I am in better health and fitness than I have ever been in my entire life.

Lets Work Together!

We can all do this, and we can do it together. Maybe you are like I was, in that you are now at a point you've had enough. I'm here to support and encourage you! We have everything that you need to get started on your journey, just like I did. Just say the word!

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