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Unimate Drink: This Yerba Mate is Perfect for Intermittent Fasting with the Feel Great System

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Unicity Unimate is a key product as part of the Feel Great System because it delivers real results by reducing hunger and increases ketones to allow the body to Burn Fat.

What is Unimate Yerba Mate 

Yerba Mate (yehr-bah mah-teh) is the national drink in many parts of Latin America and is believed to have countless health benefits. It increases energy and focus without overstimulation, because the caffeine contained in the yerba mate is only released slowly in the body. Theobromine, another active ingredient, is also found in high-quality chocolate and is said to put you in a good mood.

Unimate yerba mate is grown in South America and undergoes a 5-step patented process to make it 375 times more effective than other commercially available Yerba Mate. The 5 step process is: Hand Picked, Fire Roasted, Extracted, Concentrated, Purified.

Improved Ketone Levels

Unimate has shown through clinical studies that it helps the body increase ketone levels by 80% over 2 hours. Ketones are a “clean-burning” fuel that support your body’s mental and metabolic functions.

Intermittent Fasting

Studies show that having a regular spaced out meal pattern helps lower your bodies insulin levels, which aides in burning fat. When you body has high insulin levels it cannot burn stored fat. As part of the Feel Great System we recommend the 4-4-12 principle. 

Utilizing the 4-4-12 principle (where you wait at least four hours between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and 12 hours between dinner and breakfast the next day) it allows your body’s glucose and insulin levels to return to normal.

You won’t have to eat between meals because the fiber in Unicity Balance will be providing ongoing energy form the carbs you’ve already eaten. Also, if you do need more energy your body will have a reason to burn the fat reserves it already has. Using the Unimate first thing in the morning will hold off the hunger, allowing you to feel like you are not starving yourself. It will also accelerate ketosis. 

What is ketosis?

Ketosis is a state where your body is breaking down such a high level of fats for fuel that it creates detectable levels of ketones. Ketone bodies are by-products of fat metabolism and can be used instead of glucose for energy by the brain. Nutritional ketosis is defined as having blood ketone levels at 0.5mmol/L or higher, and is achieved by extended periods of fasting, prolonged exercise, (typical in high endurance athletes), or a diet consistently low in carbohydrate.

Once your body has been using fats as its primary fuel for a period of time, and is now preferring fats as its predominant fuel, this is known as being “fat-adapted”. There are several factors that indicate whether or not your fat-adapted, but a few signs to look out for include:

  • Greatly reduced / no longer getting sugar cravings
  • Consistent energy levels throughout the day with no noticeable dips
  • Being able to go longer between meals without feeling hungry

What’s the difference between this plan and the keto diet?

The main difference between the 4-4-12 plan and the ketogenic diet is the objective. With the keto diet, the objective is to achieve ketosis – this is usually detected through a blood test sample indicating ketones are present and at a range of 0.5mmol/L or higher.

Being in ketosis can often result in favorable outcomes, such as weight-loss and some hormonal and metabolic benefits. However, with this plan, the objective is long-term metabolic health and flexibility.

If you follow the nutrition principles, you will likely produce ketones, particularly while you’re in the Fat Burning Zone, but it's important to note that fat burning happens long before ketosis. Rather than chasing higher ketone levels, the objectives of this plan are health oriented – including sleep and mood improvements, reduced hunger and cravings, better skin, hair and nails, and of course, improved body composition and weight loss.

The Feel Great System is a more flexible approach, designed to help people realize the broader benefits of spending time in the Fat Burning Zone

Is there a specific daily carbohydrate amount I should aim for?

Everyone is different based on your current health status, goals and carbohydrate tolerance. Typical low carb diets can range from as many as 60 grams to as few as 20 grams of carbohydrate. There is no official recommendation but users who wish to see much better results will typically be within this range.

Now that you’ve learned about Unimate and the 4-4-12 nutrition principles and what to expect when getting started, you’re ready to begin the journey to metabolic flexibility and better overall health. 

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