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Understanding Your Risk for Metabolic Syndrome

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Why does Metabolic Syndrome occur?

Some people are genetically prone to develop metabolic syndrome as a result of:

  • Putting on excess body fat
  • Failing to get enough physical activity
  • Dietary lifestyle

Who is most likely to have metabolic syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome has become increasingly common in todays society. Several factors that increase the likelihood of acquiring metabolic syndrome include:

  • Obesity/overweight - Obesity is an important potential cause of metabolic syndrome. Excessive visceral fat abdominal fat) is strongly associated with metabolic syndrome.
  • Insulin resistance - Insulin resistance is when the body can't use insulin efficiently. Some people are also genetically predisposed to insulin resistance.
  • Race and gender - Caucasians are at a greater risk for developing metabolic syndrome. Men are also more likely than women to develop metabolic syndrome.

Fortunately, many of the factors that contribute to metabolic syndrome can be addressed through lifestyle changes including healthy eating and exercise. By making these changes, you can significantly reduce your risks.

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