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Unimate and Balance: Two Science-Based Food Products

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The Feel Great System consists of two science-based food products. The first is Unicity Unimate yerba mate drink and the second is Unicity Balance fiber matrix. When used together as a system these products are clinically proven to make a healthy lifestyle not only doable, but also enjoyable.

Unicity Unimate yerba mate drink promotes the body’s natural production of ketones, supports feelings of wellbeing and relaxation, healthy cognitive function, helps with endurance and stamina, promotes satiety (keeps the hunger away), supports weight management efforts and healthy cholesterol.

Unicity Balance is a proprietary fiber matrix that helps the body to burn fat while promoting healthy cholesterol, blood sugar and triglyceride levels with proven weight loss results.

While both are backed by clinical studies, Unicity Balance has had a 35+ year history and is the foundation to the The Feel Great System. For this purpose of this doctors profile we will focus on the what healthcare providers have been saying.

History of Unicity Balance

Unicity Balance (originally called Bios Life Diet) was first developed by scientists at the University of Santa Barbara in 1986 while conducting research using natural fibers to manage serum cholesterol. Bios Life provided a unique way to support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The product was originally owned and marketed by Rexall Drugs.

For more than 35 years later, Unicity Balance has been extensively studied, peer-reviewed and published in the medical journals. It continues to be the most recommended natural health supplement by doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide. Balance has continually been improved upon, each generation producing better results than the last.

What Healthcare Professionals Saying

The FEEL GREAT SYSTEM has been recommended by physicians based on studies published in prestigious medical journals and the Prescribers Digital Reference (PDR). Healthcare professionals globally have been recommending the FEEL GREAT SYSTEM to their patients. In this video Jay says, 

"I had been practicing in family practice for about 10 years and I needed a solution for my patients' health with diabetes. All we had was Metformin and then insulin. I needed a solution because we were running out of medication options for diabetics and people that were overweight and obese. And then I come to learn about this product". 

Feel Better Than You Have In Years!

feel great packed displayed with a box of Unicity Balance fiber on the bottom and Unimate yerba mate on  the top and a glass with organge drink and lemon representing the Balance drink

The Feel Great System

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