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The Feel Great System: Healthcare Professionals Explain Why Unimate Yerba Mate & Balance Fiber are Game-Changers

diabetes type 2 feel great system unicity balance unicity unimate Jun 05, 2021
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When it comes to maintaining optimal health, many of us struggle with sugar addiction and unhealthy eating habits. That's where the Feel Great System comes in.

Consisting of two science-based food products, this system has been designed to help people break free from sugar addiction and achieve their weight loss goals.

The first product in the Feel Great System is Unicity Unimate, a yerba mate that was launched in 2017 after years of research following a unique specialized patented 5-step process. This process makes Unimate superior over all other yerba mate products available on the market. Yerba mate is known for its ability to suppress appetite, boost metabolism, and provide a natural source of energy. By starting your day with Unicity Unimate on an empty stomach, you'll fuel your brain, get rid of the foggy brain, increase your energy, as well as improve your stamina and eliminate those mid-afternoon energy sags.

The second product in the Feel Great System is Unicity Balance, a patented fiber matrix that was developed by scientists at the University of Santa Barbara in 1986. Since then, Balance has been extensively studied, peer-reviewed and published in medical journals. With more than 30 years on the market, it has been recommended by thousands of medical doctors and health practitioners.

This matrix of fiber in Unicity Balance is specifically designed to absorb much more blood sugar and support healthy cholesterol more effectively than OTC fiber products, which act more like a laxative. By slowing the rate your body turns food into glucose, Unicity Balance effectively limits the amount of insulin needed. This means instead of turning all that glucose in your body into more fat, your body will efficiently use that glucose for energy.

The Feel Great System is particularly useful for those with type 2 diabetes. By reducing carb absorption using Unicity Balance, your body will enter a fat-burning state between meals by generating glucagon, which works to raise low blood sugar levels by breaking down current fat stores. This effectively limits the amount of insulin needed and helps prevent further weight gain.

Both Unicity Balance and Unicity Unimate are clinically studied and listed in the prestigious Prescribers Desk Reference (PDR), which is a valuable resource for healthcare professionals. Jay and Adriane Guerra, healthcare professionals, explain in a video below why the Feel Great System is a vital tool for their patients.

As Jay says, "I had been practicing in family practice for about 10 years and I needed a solution for my patients' health with diabetes. All we had was Metformin and then insulin. I needed a solution because we were running out of medication options for diabetics and people that were overweight and obese. And then I come to learn about this product". He continued to say that, "Unfortunately medicine has gotten into pills first and nutrition second, which isn't the way it's supposed to be, but they just don't believe anybody's going to make any nutritional changes".

The Feel Great System offers a natural solution for those struggling with sugar addiction and unhealthy eating habits. By incorporating Unicity Unimate and Unicity Balance into your daily routine, you can achieve your weight loss goals and improve your overall health. So why not try the Feel Great System today and start feeling great tomorrow!

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