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Transform Your Health with the Feel Great System: David McAllister's Inspiring Testimony | Real Stories

diabetes type 2 feel great reviews feel great system weight loss Jun 13, 2021
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Are you looking for a way to feel great, look great, and be healthy? Look no further than the Feel Great System. David McAllister is a prime example of the effectiveness of this program, which has helped him achieve remarkable weight loss and health improvements.

David McAllister's testimony is an inspiring story of how the program can transform your life. In this article, we will explore his experience and results with the Feel Great System and the reasons why you should consider it to achieve your health goals.

David is a 60-year-old man who has struggled with his weight and health for many years. He has tried many diets and programs but never achieved the desired results. He was concerned about his blood pressure, cholesterol, and A1C levels, which were all high. Despite taking medications, his levels remained elevated, and his health was at risk.

His Experience with the Feel Great System

David discovered the Feel Great System and decided to give it a try. The system is a comprehensive weight loss and health improvement program that includes two science-based food supplements called Unimate Yerba Mate, a natural energy booster and appetite suppressant that helps individuals feel more alert and focused while reducing cravings for unhealthy foods. The second supplement is Balance Fiber Matrix, a fiber supplement that helps promote healthy digestion and regularity, reduces hunger and cravings, and aids in weight loss. By including these natural supplements in the program, the Feel Great System provides a holistic approach to health and weight loss that supports individuals in achieving long-lasting results.

David's Results with the Feel Great System

David's results with the Feel Great System were nothing short of remarkable. He lost a total of 58 pounds and 20 inches, which is a significant achievement. His weight loss was accompanied by improvements in his blood pressure, cholesterol, and A1C levels. Here are some of the improvements he experienced:

  • Blood Pressure: His blood pressure went from 130/78 to 102/60, which is a significant improvement. His doctor was so pleased with his progress that he took him off his blood pressure medication. David's blood pressure is now a healthy 118/75, which is within the normal range.
  • Cholesterol: David's cholesterol levels improved dramatically. His total cholesterol went from 154 to 106, which is a 31% reduction. His LDL (bad) cholesterol went from 84 to 47, which is a 44% reduction. His HDL (good) cholesterol went from 40 to 44, which is a 10% improvement. His triglycerides went from 149 to 77, which is a 48% reduction.
  • A1C: David's A1C went from 6.3 to 5.6, which is a 11% reduction. This is a significant improvement in his blood sugar levels and an indication of improved glucose control.

David's doctor was pleased with his progress and reduced his medication accordingly. He expects to see David again in three months and may discontinue his medication altogether.

David McAllister's experience with the Feel Great System is a testament to the effectiveness of the program. The program provides a comprehensive approach to weight loss and health improvement that is personalized, easy to follow, and sustainable. If you are looking for a way to feel great, look great, and be healthy, the Feel Great System is a program that you should consider.

Remember, achieving your health goals is not an overnight process, and it requires commitment, dedication, and perseverance. But with the right program, support, and mindset, you can achieve remarkable results like David McAllister. So why not give the Feel Great System a try and see what it can do for you?

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