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Unicity International: The Founder of the Feel Great System

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Unicity International has a long history with roots and heritage that go back to 1903 when the first Rexall drugstore opened. Rexall, established on a tradition of trust and reliability, the company grew to 25,000 Rexall brand drugstores, more than any other retail chain in North America.

Rexall’s independently owned stores represented hope and freedom for hardworking, business entrepreneurs, giving them an opportunity to take control of their lives and their financial futures.

In 1986, scientists at the University of Santa Barbara were conducting research using natural fibers to manage serum cholesterol. They developed this promising formulation provided a unique way to support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Rexall Drugs partnered with the University and Bios Life Diet was born. 

When the product was originally placed in retail stores throughout the United States, there was one problem: it didn’t sell as well as expected. Although the product had been endorsed by professionals for its unique qualities, it needed more explanation than the traditional nutrition label could offer.

As a result, in 1989 a new person-to-person direct sales process was implemented as part of a new Rexall Drugs division, called Rexall Showcase. The model gave people the opportunity to connect with others, explain why Bios Life Diet differed from generic supplements and it offered an income opportunity around the world. 

Now more than 35 years later, Unicity Balance continues to be the most recommended natural health supplement by doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide. Balance has continually been improved upon, each generation producing better results than the last.

Unicity Balance is the #1 clinically proven natural fiber supplement formulated to encourage weight loss, increase energy, and to better control your blood chemistry.  Unicity Balance is the proven natural alternative to drugs like Metformin and Glyburide, the first-line drug treatment and the current standard of care for type 2 diabetes, as well as Statin medications for cholesterol management. 

Timeline History of Unicity Balance (formally Bios Life), Unimate and Feel Great System.

  • Bios Life Diet: Introduced in 1986, Bios Life Diet was the first generation of Balance. Bios Life Diet was marketed as a weight management supplement, and also helped by lowering the glycemic index of foods and providing satiety. Bios Life Diet was a game-changing product in the making.

  • Bios Life 2: In 1994, Unicity created Bios Life 2. It quickly became the only non-prescription product in the United States that obtained patents for its cholesterol-lowering ingredients. Healthcare and medical professionals around the world started to recommended Bios Life 2 to their patients.

  • Bios Life Complete: In 2006, Unicity researchers identified three additional approaches for lowering harmful cholesterol levels and combined these methods with the effectiveness of Bios Life 2—creating Bios Life Complete. No other natural product has had the same success in reducing harmful cholesterol levels.

  • Bios Life Slim: In 2008, Unicity launched a new generation of the patented Bios Life Complete formula, branding it as Bios Life Slim. Bios Life Complete and Bios Life Slim were two of the company's most popular products. This enhanced new Bios Life Slim was clinically proven to melt away belly fat and lowers cholesterol. Studies were being published through the world's leading research institutes, which include The Angeles University foundation Medical Centre, Stanford University, The Cleveland Clinic, University of Texas, and The University of Washington. 

  • Unicity Balance: In 2011, Unicity rebranded Bios Life Slim to Unicity Balance, as it was more than just a weight loss product. Some of Unicity's global markets still have the Bios Life Slim branded packaging, but it is the same formulation as Unicity Balance.

  • Unicity Unimate: In 2017 after 3 years of research, clinical trials and global patent applications Unicity launched the first of it's kind enhanced yerba meta drink. Unimate’s yerba mate is grown in South America and undergoes a 5-step patented process to make it 375 times more effective than other commercially available Yerba Mate. The 5 step process is: Hand Picked, Fire Roasted, Extracted, Concentrated, Purified.

  • Unicity Feel Great System: In 2021, Unicity launched the Feel Great System as a result of continued clinical research and seeing real world stories of lives being changed as a simple "on the go solution" by using Unicity Balance with Unimate as a daily dietary routine. The reason The Feel Great System has met with so much success so quickly is that has taken a 35+ year proven product like Unicity Balance, combined it with this unique Yerba Mate drink for results unheard of including reducing appetite, promoting fat-burning ability, decreases leptin and insulin resistance, manage blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. 

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