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Survey Says: More People Are Looking for a Second Source of Income

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, 31% of people pursued opportunities to make additional income outside of their primary employment, according to a study.

The survey of 1,500 people was done by Abacus Data from July 9-14 with a random sample, for the Direct Sellers Association of Canada, found nearly 1 in 3 Canadians pursued opportunities to make additional income during the health crisis.

The economy is changing and this has been intensified due to the pandemic. Many people, including younger Canadians, are looking for flexibility and work-life balance as they earn.", said Peter Maddox, the President of the Direct Sellers Association of Canada. 

Maddox says "the survey results clearly showed that people want to do something often entrepreneurial and get involved in something a little creative — something where they have more control over the lifestyle and schedule". 

I recently had the privilege to interview Peter Maddox to tackle some of the most common questions and address some misconceptions about the Direct Sales & MLM industry.

Below is a summary of the questions I asked:

  • The difference is between direct sales, multi-level marketing, network marketing, MLM (all loosely used terms). What is a pyramid scheme?
  • What are the signs “red flags” of a pyramid scheme that people should watch for?
  • Why do they say it's difficult to make money? Is this true?
  • What about inventory? What is reasonable (average) for an opening investment and to support an ongoing business?
  • If someone were to consider joining a direct sales company. What recommendations would you give them in evaluating a legitimate company?
  • DSA Mark of Distinction Award - what is it this and what is the significance in this industry/profession?

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