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7 Proven Ways To Improve Your Feel Great System Results

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Results will vary with the Feel Great System, however we guarantee that you will Feel Great within your first 30 days, so long as you are taking the products daily and consistently. I often get asked "what other recommendations do you suggest that will enhance the results.

Some people seem to have amazing results out of the gate the Feel Great System in achieving their health goals. Then there's others of us, on the other hand, who find that getting results is nearly impossible.

Here are a few suggestions to help you get the most from your experience. 

#1 Consistency & Patience:

The single most important key to success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don’t feel like doing it. It doesn’t matter if your goals are professional, personal, or health related - if you can’t push yourself to keep working even when you don’t want to, you’ll never achieve your dreams.

Don't fall into the "immediate results" expectation trap. It took time for your weight to gain, have patience burning it off! Follow the instructions consistently! 

#2 Double-Up Unicity Balance with Meals: 

More is better! A clinical study at the University of Sydney showed that one serving of Unicity Balance reduced blood glucose levels by 20% and blood insulin levels by 13%, and two servings reduced blood glucose levels by 28% and blood insulin levels by 27%.

#3 Dietary Improvements:

Get to know your carbs. We all need to eat better. But not an easy one! But keep it simple and sustainable. Get to know the Glycemic Index and download the Food Guide at the below link.  

#4 Increase Your Protein Intake:

Protein is one of your body’s most important building blocks. It’s also a macronutrient that is often overlooked when one is looking to lose weight or reverse type 2 diabetes. Consider replacing your first meal of the day with a protein shake. 

#5 Drink More Water:

Your body is 60% water. If you’re not rehydrating regularly, you’re jeopardizing your health. Not only does drinking water keep you healthy, it’s also scientifically proven to help you lose weight. If weight loss is your goal, drinking water is a vital part of getting there.

When you drink enough water, you: 

  • Help your body function as it should
  • Consume fewer calories from liquids
  • Replenish water lost through exercise
  • Remove toxins that can cause skin issues\
  • Get an energy boost
  • Reduce digestion issues
  • Refresh your mood

When you don’t drink enough water you:

  • Gain weight from drinking liquid carbohydrates
  • Have dry skin
  • Are more sleepy
  • Get more headaches
  • May have a hard time concentrating
  • Eat at more, because you feel less full

#6 Get Moving (walking/exercise):

This one goes without saying, but it’s an important one. Get active! Movement helps the body circulate and burn more fat. Even just 20 to 30 minutes of vigorous walking can make a difference. 

#7 Start with a Cleanse: 

Unicity Cleanse is our oldest and first system. It is used not only to support the body’s natural cleansing abilities, it also contains products with ingredients that promote the growth of healthy bacteria. Unicity cleanse will help you effectively reset and restore, from start to finish. To learn more watch this video below or click the links below:

For more information and suggestions visit:

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