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The Doctor Was Surprised, But Disappointed He Could Not Offer Anything

feel great system intermittent fasting metabolic syndrome unicity balance unicity international weight loss Aug 30, 2021

The doctor said to me, "I’ve never had a patient who lost 100 lbs and improved their blood lipids like this".

As a society we tend to want instant results and immediate gratification. We become inconsistent when we are not 'seeing' the results fast enough!

I've heard it said that "I tried the The Feel Great System for a month (...even a week) and never had any weight loss so I stopped". I have also seen many end up finishing their first month and still have a half a box of Balance left, but they are out of Unimate. 

Changing your health forever often takes time, patience, consistency and determination. As we had time, patience, consistency and determination in gaining the weight and watching our health deteriorate. 

The below article is a reproduction of a Facebook Post from August 30, 2016 about the first (and last) visit to a family doctor. 

I was contacted by 'Patient Connect NB' (the New Brunswick provincial patient/doctor referral service) to finally referred me to a family doctor, as we have not had one since we moved here 12 years ago. I had my first meeting today.

The doctor asked for my family health history and then immediately proceeded to share with me about the dangers of High Cholesterol…I guess he automatically considered that I am a 47 year old male with a prevalent history of heart disease in my family. So I interrupted him, and asked him if I could share my story as of the most recent years.

I then showed him my before/after blood test from January/May 2015, he did a quick calculation and told me that the percentage chance of me developing heart disease now is just 5.6%. When he noticed my AIC level he looked at me and said “I’ve never had a patient who lost 100 lbs and improved their blood lipids like this”.…"actually I've never had a patient who lost 100 lbs"....”you’re in really great health!”.

Last week I shared my story at a public talk and how my journey and interest in getting healthy all started in 2010 with this little box in my hand …it was the beginning of losing that first 50 lbs and then really embracing a lifestyle transformation which then totally changed everything for me.

This meeting with the doctor was just another high point in my Journey that confirms I am heading in the right I enter my 50’s and beyond.

Here's more about my story:

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