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Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes

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Sometimes we are so eager to see quick results that we are willing to do anything to get there without taking into consideration at what cost?

In the case of weight loss, many individuals go the extreme route by drastically cutting calories and ramping up their exercise. This may lead to exciting changes in your composition at first, but the reality is you are setting yourself up to become a fat storing machine!

The problem is that this approach is unrealistic and unsustainable.

Low calories causes a hormone called leptin to decrease, which regulates your metabolism and eventually makes your body believe you are starving. What happens next is your thyroid downgrades, lowering metabolic rate and any incoming calories may result in your body storing it as fat as your not able to sustain your low-calorie diet.

Increased exercise along with low-calories ramps up a hormone called cortisol, which can lead to the breakdown of lean muscle mass as well.

As you can see, this results in the after-after effect shown in the picture. At first you may be excited about your results, but due to the unsustainable approach taken to get there, you have sacrificed optimal metabolic health causing your body to become a fat storing machine instead of a fat burning machine.

Losing weight oftentimes feels like a frustrating process, especially if the effort is there but the results are lacking. If you want true long lasting sustainable results, make sure you are giving your body the proper amount of calories and not over-doing the exercise. Remember balance in all things.

Here's a few other common weight loss mistakes, and how to fix them.

Not Eating Enough Protein: Protein is essential for weight loss. It helps in several ways, including reducing appetite, protecting muscle mass, improving satiety, and increases metabolic rate. Protein should be the foundation of very meal.

Only Focusing on the Scale: The scale is just one measurement of weight loss, and your weight will change daily based on fluid fluctuations, workouts, undigested foods, and bowel movements. Take measurements of your waist and use before pictures to capture yourself as you begin so you can see the difference. Also remember how you feel, your blood sugar and energy levels throughout the day, and how you are sleeping are all key indicators that you are making progress. 

Eating Low-Fat, Keto or “Diet Foods”: These are all processed food items are often filled with ingredients that help improve their taste as flavor is lost with elimination of fat. They’re marketed as low-fat, low-calorie or Keto friendly, but contain high amounts of unwanted ingredients that promote insulin resistance. It is best to make every effort to stay away from processed foods that are made in factories and coming in boxes, bags and labelled with bar codes. 

Snacking: If you’re constantly feeling the urge to snack, it would be beneficial to take a look at what you are eating with your meals and to make sure you are having enough protein and/or is the desire to snack more of an emotional attachment or a habit. Embracing the Feel Great System by following the 4-4-12 intermittent fasting while introducing the Unimate yerba mate in the morning and Balance fiber matrix before your meals will have better results long term for weight loss.  

Not Tracking Foods Consumed: At the beginning of your weight loss journey it can be very beneficial to help you understand the foods you are eating and how that is impacting your results. There has been studies that show that tracking foods can help give you a better understanding of amount of macro nutrients on a daily basis and and even provide some self accountability. 

Not Having Support: When it comes to weight loss, there is strength in numbers. Studies have shown that if you try to do this alone there's a nine to one change of success against you. How do you like those odds? By joining others who have very similar health goals your success rate goes up to 80% simply because a community keeps you accountable, encourages you, supports you and all these things help you stick to your plan. When you’re feeling down or discouraged, your community is there for you to give you confidence and help you keep your eyes on the prize until you enjoy success.

Eating Out Too Often: Restaurants tend to have menus that are made with the priority of taste, texture and flavor over health. Most fast foods are made with sugar, cooked in heat heats using inflammatory oils, sometimes served in larger than normal portions, and we tend to enjoy drinks and side dishes we normally would not have at home. 

Sleep and Stress: We often overlook the direct impact that sleep and stress has on our weight loss results. We need enough sleep to support hormonal imbalance which has a direct impact to weight loss or weight gain. Stress increases cortisol, and that often results on what we eat, when we eat it and often overeating.

Though your results may take longer to achieve, you will be happier and healthier in the long run.

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