Metabolic Syndrome and the Risks of COVID

cholesterol diabetes type 2 feel great system intermittent fasting metabolic syndrome unicity balance unicity unimate weight loss Oct 18, 2021

What we are discovering through this pandemic is that it has exposed the weaknesses in our health.

 On October 15, 2021 CBC News (Edmonton, Alberta) published a story where they reported on the public health statistics stating:

Only 3.8% of Alberta's COVID-19 deaths have involved no comorbidities. More than 74% of all COVID-19 deaths in the province have involved three or more pre-existing conditions.

With the most common comorbidities listed in Alberta are hypertension (82.9%), cardiovascular diseases (52.2%), renal diseases (49.7%), diabetes (44.5%), respiratory diseases (40.15) and dementia (40.1%).

As healthcare provider Jay Guerra stated in a YouTube video:

COVID exploited these problems. In other words, if you look at all the problems, the people that are at risk, high blood pressure, diabetes, guess where, you know, overweight and obesity, kidney problems, overweight and obesity causes all of those things. So we have a weight problem that started with a nutritional problem, a deficiency from what was not in the diet and what is here. And that's why it has so much impact today on people's health.

In a recent Facebook Live interview Dr. Mark Hyman, MD stated that:

63% of Covid-19 hospitalizations can be linked back to at least one of four pre-existing conditions, all of which are largely preventable through diet and lifestyle choices. These include Obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and heart failure are strongly linked to more severe COVID outcomes.

What we are seeing here is Metabolic Syndrome, and it is the biggest health crisis hiding in plain sight that in itself is being ignored by almost everyone! 

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