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How To Enhance Weight Loss Results: The Feel Great System

feel great system unicity balance weight loss Sep 24, 2021
A blurred out lady holding a packet and bottle of Balance in front of her, with a box of Balance in the foreground. The image promotes the benefits of Balance fiber matrix for digestive health and overall wellness.

I often get asked what other recommendations do you suggest that will enhance results in addition to using THE FEEL GREAT SYSTEM.

This is such a common question and an important one, so I decided to list my top 7 recommendations. Here goes… 

  1. CONSISTENCY & PATIENCE: Don't fall into the "immediate results" expectation trap. It took time for your weight to gain, have patience burning it off!
  2. DIETARY IMPROVMENTS: It’s an obvious one, yes I know. But not an easy one! Here’s a couple great complimentary PDF guides to help you understand what foods to eat to improve your results.
  3. PROTEIN: Consider replacing your first meal of the day with a protein shake. I highly recommend Unicity Complete. To learn more about protein click here.
  4. FATS: In addition to increasing your protein, increase your dietary fats with each meal. Click here to learn more about dietary fats.
  5. WATER: Drink more! Stay hydrated. Water will help keep you hydrated. As an afternoon “pick me up” consider adding Unimate Matcha to your routine. To learn more about water click here .
  6. EXERCISE: This one goes without saying, but it’s an important one. Get active! Movement helps the body circulate and burn more fat. To learn more about the benefits of exercise click here.
  7. THE CLEANSE SYSTEM: Unicity Cleanse is our oldest and first system. It is used not only to support the body’s natural cleansing abilities, it also contains products with ingredients that promote the growth of healthy bacteria. Unicity cleanse will help you effectively reset and restore, from start to finish. To learn more watch this video below or click the links below:

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Image of the box of Unimate yerba mate lemon flavor and Balance fiber matrix orange flavor with a glass of Balance fiber beside it and slices of oranges and lemon to show the natural flavoring in the drinks

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