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Doug Collins Making Lifetime Dreams Come True: Telling Our Stories

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I was honored to be the featured story in the Telling Our Stories online publication dated April 25, 2019. 

Doug Collins was easy for me to get to know. Even though we are thousands of miles away, he is on the east coast of Canada and I in Ontario we have built a solid relationship over the years. He is the epitome of Determination, Persistence, and Focus. Here is his story. 

I always had the dream of having a home-based business. My background was in Marketing and Product Procurement for a large multi-national company, where I was the National Head of Sourcing & Marketing for Canada. A single Dad with 3 young kids travelling 2 weeks out of every month had taken it’s toll on me. I was always fatigued, overweight and in general abusing my body and not paying much attention to my health.

During this time I was introduced to Unicity and it’s product line, particularly the Balance. I used Balance as instructed, and very quickly I started to get results and people noticed! I was hooked. My sponsor has been with Unicity for 27 years. She understands culture, and has the motto "nobody gets left behind"... I've often heard her say "I'm always here, if you quit, you quit on yourself!”. If I go up-line to her, I can think of few others who have as many years with the company as her.

In early 2010 when I completed my 2009 income tax, I included my part-time business on my tax return. ‘Blow Me Away!’ I got a $6,600 tax refund instead of owing $5,000. Now I got excited and way more serious about this whole opportunity.

Later that same year I found out my full-time career was being terminated. My company was entering a corporate downsize while going through a merger, and I was about to become redundant. Unicity became my new full-time endeavor.

Building a business is never easy. There is always a learning curve and it can be hard work, but fun work. It's more about building skills and personal development, helping others get what they want, than it is about "sales". Was it always a straight climb and fast results? NO!

Over the last decade my focus within Unicity has gone from promoting products including leading the trend with Matcha, to offering a high-ticket Coaching program called Transformation, and for the last few years being part of the founding group of Coaches developing a revolutionary online health program we called GetFit21.

As the focus over the last decade has shifted, the company has always remained the same. I am now personally leading an effort to educate people about the financial benefits of running a home based business and how to legitimately increase their income through using every day expenses as a tax deduction.

I am passionate about helping people find their health, develop and grow inside a community filled with energetic, enthusiastic Team Members, Players, Builders, Leaders; and feel like they belong and they matter. I'm excited to elevate the profession and educate members on the all the benefits of aligning themselves with an opportunity which can lead over time to huge financial rewards, as well as to grow and work towards exercising their right to all the benefits of a Business Owner while working at this on a part-time basis.

Today in business, companies need to be nimble and able to adapt to the changing tides and demands of consumers and corporate partners alike. I'm super excited with the recent enhancements Unicity has made to our compensation plan, the tools and training programs by answering the call for change again. I want to be part of the movement that elevates this profession of direct sales. I want to be part of the movement that instills pride in the members of this great company. I want to bring health, hope and financial freedom to thousands of people.

Unicity is a leader in the science of nutrition. It's not always been a straight climb. I'm excited for what's ahead in the next decade with Unicity. Most off all, I'm excited for the years ahead living life to the fullest, healthy, happy, and free to live life the way I want while making a positive impact in so many others lives.

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