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"I'm passionate and fully committed to supporting you to make a difference in your life! I won't sell to you. I won't beg you. But if you trust me, I will change your life!" 

~ Doug Collins, Inspiring those who are motivated to Make Life Better!

About Doug

In 1998, in his early 20’s, Doug started his first home-based business marketing wellness products online. With humble beginnings and a great interest in understanding the internet, Doug quickly built an international part-time business from home changing lives, and educating consumers on his website, hosting seminars and live teleconference calls.

Two decades later, in late 2010, Doug discovered that his corporate executive position was going to be terminated, because of a North American reorganization and merger. That’s when he took the leap and walked away from a 22-year corporate career to follow his long-held dream, to be self-employed full-time working from home. 

Today, Doug works from home living life on his terms, with a focus on creating outstanding health results for individuals as a highly-accomplished transformational coach, educator and consultant. 

He has continued to improve his knowledge and skills with a focus to serve others. Doug has become certified as a nutrition consultant, metabolic health coach and emotion code practitioner; he is also an accomplished online marketer, blogger, business coach and self-published bestselling author on Amazon.

Doug has used his unique ability to guide individuals to achieve dramatic breakthroughs in their health, mindset, self-confidence, and has a successful track record supporting those who are looking to start their own home-based business with a focus on reinventing their future financial success.

After more than two decades, Doug is a living example that being healthy and financially independent is possible and enjoyable regardless of the economic circumstances we find ourselves in. He himself has lost 100 lbs and continues to live out his dream lifestyle for more than a decade. 

You can often find Doug sharing his passion on podcasts, video, radio, tv and newspapers. To learn more about Doug's life journey, visit two of Doug's blog posts where he was featured in Bedford Living Magazine and Telling Our Stories publications.


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